Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can I do it?

I am working on being "cool" enough to follow directions and link up to a fabulous Blogging Mum. So, we'll see how this goes and if I can work the McLinky and add a button and prove that I am not as brain dead as my 4 kids think I am. Bwaa....haa...haa...ha!


Wed, Feb 24:

My guilty pleasure is reading. I LOVE to READ! Lately, I spent a lot of time playing with games on facebook and just wasting some time. I woke up realized that these games were appealing to my small OCD tendencies to get to the next level and that I wasn't reading anymore. So, I deleted those games (though I still facebook to keep up with friends) and started reading. I have finished 4 books in the last 2 weeks.

It helps that Marc is out of town. You would think that I would have less time to read with him gone, but the kids and I have a great system and while they play, I read. I try not to overload my schedule while he's gone so that I don't go crazy running the kids everywhere. Plus, I stay up until midnight to finish a book and start the next one.

I'm slowly realizing that I am a Young Adult reader. They are easy and fast to read. I'm not so much into the romance novels or thinking books. I just like to sit, get lost and let the book play like a movie in my head. I am moving into historical bibliographies. I always wonder what it would be like to live in different times and places.

So, my disjointed mind is wandering and I will live you with a vision of my latest book. I just realized today that the camera on my MacBook takes the photo in reverse and I haven't figured out how to flip the photo. (This could explain why I think photos of myself look off - because they are flipped from what I see). Therefore, my picture is flipped. Nevermind, while trying to add the photo (so that it's vertical, not horizontal) I found the flip button. Go Me!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Tuesday, Feb 23rd: My favorite time of day. While getting the kitchen cleaned up, Mr C sits down to read a bedtime story to Miss R and Mr N. He gets to work on his reading skills and they get an extra bedtime story. The are so sweet and attentive.

We had a great day today. I find that I pace the day since Marc won't be home at the end. It keeps me from going crazy and drinking more than a glass of wine. After Miss R got off to school, Mr N and I braved Costco together and spent way more than I planned, but we are so stocked up again. Part of the spending included a Sonicare. Marc and I have been talking about getting this toothbrush forever!! So, I brushed Miss R's teeth tonight (she is not a fan) and Mr C's teeth (cried about it) and tried it on myself. It will take some getting used to. Mostly it tickles my sensitive mouth (insert dirty joke here).

After Costco, we signed Mr. N up for preschool and stopped at Lowe's for some wallpaper for the bathrooms. Tomorrow I plan on tackling said bathrooms with a fresh coat of paint and some wainscot looking wallpaper. We are hoping to tile the bathrooms this next month (they are tiny, so it should be a 10 2 day job). We are looking at doing small improvements and using more of our time and money for some small local wanderings.


Sunday, Feb 21:

I have some great photos of the kids at the park Sunday. We are running out of a sunny forecast and need to get out. We went to the inlaws for a turkey lunch (delicious) and went to a local park with them and our nephew. The kids had a great time running around and the adults had some fun shooting baskets. But, I can't find my camera at the moment. Seriously, where did I set it? We came home so that Marc could pack and I ended up needing a little power nap (sad, I know). My SIL is arriving from Las Vegas tonight and I'm the designated pick up person since she gets in at 10:30 PM and everyone else needs to get up for work in the morning (stay at home Mom doesn't count as work). Kidding!! I'm a major night owl and stay up until midnight most nights anyway, so I volunteered to get her. Besides I get all the sordid details of the bachelorette weekend to keep me awake driving back home.

So, my little update with photo is that Marc is leaving for Atlanta Monday morning (at 5:30am). We had a great 48 hour weekend with him. The kids are sad to see him go, so he is taking 2 star wars legos to do battle in Atlanta and send us daily photos. Here's our 1st update:

They will put their guns down on Monday for National Margarita Day!


Happy National Margarita Day!
 Yep, I think we are officially crazy and have a National "something" Day for every day of the year. But not one to disappoint a National Day, I opened my Patron Christmas gift (thank you Jeff) and made myself a margarita on the rocks to eat with my chili turkey hot dog for dinner. I hope you all had a great day too.


Buckhead Atlanta GA ...

Friday, Feb 19:

Marc is in Atlanta for work this week. Luckily it's a slow week at home and being a single mom to 4 isn't so bad when you know the Mr. is coming home Friday night. I won't mention that he is leaving again on Monday for another week in Atlanta (yet).

(image credit) 

We had another day of great weather and I spent a lot of the day at my kids school. We held our Jr. PTSA meeting during lunch. We made signs and posters for our walk-a-thon that afternoon. Our school walked for Haiti. I stayed to help mark the tally cards for the 500 kids. It was great to stand out in the sunshine and see the faces of the kids as they crossed the line after every lap. Kids did anywhere from 10-23 laps (about 1/4 mile path). The great thing about volunteering for this is Miss R and Mr N can come with. They walked the path twice with Miss M and Mr C and then they played on the playground.

My overly eventful day ended when I recieved a phone call at 4:30 from the news channel to come interview my about some breaking news. See, I overdrew my bank account (embarrassing) with 3 withdrawals one weekend. My bank decides it's best for the customer to reorder all pending charges from highest to lowest and hit me with 9 overdraft fees! I was so mad. I was expecting to pay for 3, not 9. Anyway, I wrote our local news to ask for some help. A lawsuit was filed Friday about this practice and the news came to talk to me since it had happened to me. It was weird to talk with the camera rolling and to stage out some action shots. Hopefully, some day...I will see some of the overdraft fees reversed. But my 15 minutes of fame (well, 2 minutes) came and went and the world now knows that I am terrible about balancing my checkbook. lol!

I'm thinking this is less photo of my day and just my day.


Thurs, Feb 18:

We are having some b-e-a-u-ti-ful sunny weather lately. I think Washington is having the best weather in the US (besides Hawaii, of course).

Miss R, Mr N and I are taking advantage of the warm sun and heading outdoors. We were to meet some preschool friends at the park by the lake, but everyone bailed. One kid had croup, and the other friend was too excited that her brother was coming to town and didn't want to leave home. Fortunately, Miss R has Mr N to play with. We ran down by the water and watched the ducks, made some sandcastles and then played in the park. My pictures for the day were well planned, but I ended up on the phone for the whole time with one of the mom's who didn't show. I'm not rude, but I did try to end the conversation several times. I enjoyed talking to her, but I missed some great shots (since I only brought my camera phone). The best one was Mr. Northwest. He walked onto the beach and stripped down to shorts, but on some coconut oil and layed in his chair to soak up the sun. He's Mr. Northwest because despite the abundance of sun, it was only 55 degrees!! Seriously, too cold to be laying out for a tan!

Anyway, I caught my little ones holding hands and skip out of the grocery store later that day. They are too cute.

Project 365

Seriously, I get behind and I get overwhelmed, then I realize...this is for me and I'm enjoying sharing my daily life (even if the photos are just ho-hum). I am starting to use my iphone more for photos because I can upload the photos so quickly (I can add comments later). I'm starting to figure this out. And really, I am planning some trips, they just haven't started yet.

So, to catch up on my pics I present:

48/365: Wed, Feb 17
To cut my hair or let it grow?
I guess the bigger issue here is that I should actually curl my hair everyday (at least blow dry it) instead of pulling it into a ponytail.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Tuesday, Feb 16:
This delicious, dense bread was brought to me courtesy of my brother, Scott. I was discussing what a loss it was that my grandfather got rid of his 100 year old sourdough starter when my grandparents moved into their retirement home. He decided to make his own starter and has done a great job. He says that this loaf is dense because it rose on a pan and he had to move it into the bread pan and it collapsed. It was still very delish and went well with several dinners this past week. I'm actually feeling a small amount of desire to make my own starter. Maybe I'll just have him divide his instead!


The nicest bowling alley ever. Lucky Strike in Bellevue, WA. I think
we've found our next date night spot.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Honest Scrap

[award-honestscrap3.jpg]The wickedly smart and funny Mrs. P has awarded me this Honest Scrap Award which encourages me to spill 10 honest things about myself!

It should be easy to come up with 10 items because I love to spill the details of my life (as well as hear yours), but sometimes the top 10 ideas that pop into my head are not always the most important or relevant. Since the wine is currently out of my system, my husband is out of town and I'm watching back to back episodes of "Brothers & Sisters", be forewarned that I may be moody or funny (well, I think I'm funny).

Here goes:
#1. When I wrote my top 10 Happiness is.... I forgot to mention my wonderful husband (I'm really sorry. You are the most important reason why I am happy).

#2. I have 2 tattoos from my early 20's. One on my ankle and one on my hip. But I would love to get at least 4 more, I just don't make the time. I want the tree my Mom painted on my shoulder or back, a dove with a pink ribbon on my foot, my children's birthdates as 6 numbers on my wrist (hmm.. I guess I'm down to wanting 3 more).
#3. I am ADDICTED to Starbucks mocha. Not just a mocha from anywhere or when I make my many cups of coffee a day, but Starbucks mocha. I'm not sure if I'm addicted to the fun baristas that know my name or that it is so easy to get into the drive-thru as I take off on my daily errands.
#4. I used to shop to feel better. But the debt and not being able to travel has put everything into perspective. Now I google map for road trip ideas, research on expedia for last minute vacations and read travel blogs while we plan some mini vacations as we save for some bigger ones.

#5. I am a procrastinator. I have been since I was a little kid. I always get my projects done, my studying done, my housework done.. just in the knick of time. I realize that if I planned ahead I could get more done, but when I die will it matter that my house was perfectly ordered 3 hours before guests instead of 5 minutes.

#6. I am a talker. I love to listen and share conversations, but as you can see in these top 10's, I am a talker and explain everything.

#7. I am sarcastic and inappropriate with those I know well. Who else can make their Dad blush while talking to his fiance about (implied) sexual adventures.

#8. I was happy with 2 kids, but can not imagine my life without 4. This may sound strange, but they were not in the plans. I love them all dearly and they try my patience, but they are incredible and I am so happy that my life has turned out this way. We tried for #3, but it did not happen when we planned so we decided to be done. But 3 months later, BAM...Marc said I was pregnant and sure enough I was. Marc told me I would be pregnant with #4 if we weren't using protection (see #7), and I was pregnant anyway. So we are a family of 6 and I love every minute of it.
#9. I am a terrible multi-tasker, but I do it all the time. I move from room to room as I clean and I clean that room until I find something for the other room and then I move into there to clean for awhile. It all gets done in the end and I feel less overwhelmed doing it this way. My biggest multi-tasking job is watching TV while typing or surfing the net or even reading a book.

#10. I am 5-1/2 years behind on my scrapbooking. With digital photography I have a million photos and get more overwhelmed at catching up. I have most of Miss R's 1st year sketched out, now I need to sketch out Mr. N's 1st year and get in all on paper and into their books. Miss M and Mr. C LOVE to look at their books and I feel guilty for not getting them done. See how bad I procrastinate (#5), but I will get there soon. And by soon, I'm setting it as this year (so on December 31st, I will be frantically throwing a party and scrapbooking so that it all gets done). ;D

Well, there's my 10. It was much harder than I thought. So, select 7 friends to pass this award on to. Please don't feel obligated, but I would love to read your answers.

So, in no order, I pass this award on to -
1. 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cars, 2 tired... 
2. a reservation for six 
3. I have to work...but I'd rather be scrapbooking 
4. In Real Life 
5. Mommy of 4 knee deep in laundry! 
6. mummy time 
7. Whooo's that girl? 

The above are all fabulous blogs that I love to read and check up on in google reader daily. You should do the same!

Have fun!!


Mon, Feb 15:

Today is day 4 of the kids being home on a mini vacation. Not exactly mid-winter break, but they have 2 Teacher In Service days (Friday and Tuesday) with Presidents Day today. Also, Marc flew out this morning for 5 days. Miss M and I drove him to the airport at 5:30am. We came home and napped after that! You would think that with 5 days off we would be off doing a little wandering, but time and schedules did not allow us. What a waste of some perfectly good time off. But, soon...I am planning lots of moving about, soon!

Back to today, most of the day was filled with lazing around and a little laundry and cleaning. I was babysitting my nephew, Mr T, whose preschool was closed for the day. I never was able to convince him to change out of his pajamas. After many hours of playing, we finally decided to venture outside. It was overcast, but surprisingly warmer than I thought. They kids all took their bikes down the hill to ride for awhile. Miss M crashed and bruised her ego and was not having any of me taking her photo. Mr C was more than happy to mug a few shots for me. My neighbor came out with her kids and I got some much needed adult talking time. I'm always grateful when she comes out to play.



Sun, February 14:

Happy Valentines Day! Everyday is a day to celebrate the ones you love and we don't usually go too far out of our way to make this day special. We always buy the kids a little gift and the girls a flower. We always make a special dinner for all of us to enjoy by candlelight.

This year was no different. Except, we got a surprise visit from my Dad's cousin, Kurt from Florida. He happened to be coming into town for work and was able to come enjoy some snackage and get overwhelmed by kids. He loved it though. He was a blast to have around. We would have invited him to stay for dinner if we didn't have our yearly tradition of us and candlelight. My brother and his family came over too for the vist. So, 5 adults and 7 kids (well 8 kids since a friend came over to play with Mr C) hung out for a few hours and had a wonderful Valentines.

Marc and I take turns each year for who is in charge of Valentines (since our anniversary is in 6 weeks). This year was Marc's turn. He bought a pink rose for Miss R and a red rose for Miss M. I got 2 bouquets of tulips (my favorite). He started the day out by making pancakes. He made all the snack food for our visitors and then made a delicious steak and baked potato dinner for us. We turned out the light and ate with candles (which the kids asked to blow out the whole meal) and the last of my Evil Chardonney. 

We finished the night exhausted...after doing all the laundry and Marc packing his bags for his flight in the morning. I hope you had a great day with your friends or family.


Sat, Feb 13:

It's the end of a season and era? Miss M had her last basketball game today. According to her, it's her last ever. According to us, we'll see. I believe she may be good at this sport (because of her height), but if she's not into it, we won't force her. She played 1st and 3rd quarter and had her best game. She made a few shots (but missed) and tried to grab a few passes that were aimed over the heads of the other kids. It was a nail biting game that ended 11-10 (the other team had about 6 free throws at this score. Whew!). We were very excited for her and headed out to the end of year party to celebrate! Pizza and cupcakes. This must be the industry standard. We have 6 weeks until Spring Soccer begins and the kids are requesting swim lessons for this down time. What about just down time? 

I'm sure I wouldn't know what to do with myself if we didn't have such a compressed time table.


Friday, Feb 12:
Today was a great day, in a different way. 
1. Marc took the day off work since he is flying out Monday for 5 days.
2. Miss R got an invite from a preschool friend to go to Jump Planet. At first I declined, but then I remembered Marc was home and I was able to leave Miss M and Mr C at home with him. I took Miss R and Mr N to go bounce for 1 hr 15 min.
3. We were then invited to play at her friends house. I called Marc and then went on a playdate (both for the kids and me).
4. Miss M was able to have a friend over and then go to her friends house.
5. Mr C was able to have a friend over for a few years.
6. Marc didn't get overwhelmed by all this because there was never more than 4 kids here (instead of 6 or 7).
7. I came home and managed to whip together some delicious tacos with crab and chicken to choose from.

There, it was a great day...though not our normal what shall we do kind of day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thurs, Feb 11: 
I'm thinking my daily photos should be photos, but they are about a snapshot of a day in my life. And the PTSA has become a large part of my life. We usually meet on the 1st Thursday of every month, but this month we were having our Science Fair and decided to not pack our schedules too tight since two of us running the Science Fair are also on the PTSA Board. This is my second year as the PTSA Secretary. I am at the end of my term. We can serve for 2 years in any position. I must admit, I LOVE being Secretary. It's a little like being in college with taking all the notes and then going home to type them up to share with the rest of the PTSA members (who do not show up for the meetings).

Tonight we discussed our Board for next year. We need to decide on nominees by the next meeting and then vote the following meeting. I'm hoping some parents come out of the woodwork and decide to be a part of this group. Otherwise, the 10 of us who come to the meetings will continue to decide how to spend all that fundraiser money. Bwaa-haa-haa-ha!!

Seriously though, the PTSA kept my winter depression away last year and I will always be thankful that I am able to be a stay at home mom so that I can volunteer so many hours to my kids school. And that my little 2 are so willing to follow me around school when I am there volunteering (although they do try and sneak off to the playground a lot lately).


Wed, Feb 10:
My friend, Maribeth, is the best. She volunteers to help me with every project I volunteer for at school. It's great to know I have such great friends..because I volunteer for a lot. Well, I volunteered to lead the Junior PTSA at our school and they do a lot of events. If I wasn't such a control freak, I think the kids would do more and I would do less. Maybe next year. 
Anyway, we are in the middle of an easy fundraiser called "Friendship Grams". Maribeth used the die-cutter to make 1000 paper hearts. She then punched 2 holes in each and stamped them with a "To: From:" and a square box for the room number. We then spend Mon, Tues and Wed on the stage at school selling these grams to the kids to send to one another. After they are sold and filled out by said kids, we thread a tootsie pop through each one, put a piece of tape on the back to hold them and attach a pretty butterfly clip to each one for a girl. The kids love to get these and it was an easy way to buy my kids their class set of valentines this year. In total, we made about $150 which will go towards the Junior PTSA end of year party. 
I must admit, I did allow 3-4 kids to help us by threading the tootsie pop, applying the tape and clip and sorting all 700 grams into the bags for the classrooms. Maybe I am relinquishing control after all. 


Tues, Feb 9: 

This is what beauty is when you live in the Pacific Northwest. Do you see that bright spot reflected off my car window? It's called the SUN! It is the most beautiful thing you will ever see when you live where it's overcast, misty and cold for a good part of the year. We have been blessed with an El Nino year. Which means no snow, sunny and cold days. It actually surprises me to go outside and realize it's only 35 or 40 degrees. I'm definitely enjoying this winter.


Monday, Feb 8
Our last basketball practice with Miss M. She's pretty confident that there are no future seasons of basketball for her. She is getting better, but it's so unfamiliar to her, she's not enjoying it enough. We'll see how it turns out next Winter.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010


 Friday night was the end of a very busy week. I just finished volunteering at school for the past 2 days for the schools Science Fair. I came home Friday afternoon and managed to make up a gourmet meal in 15 minutes before we heading back to the school for the Science Awards. I made angel hair pasta with mizithra cheese (love that cheese) and a side of brussel sprouts with prosciutto and heavy whipping cream. If you don't like brussels sprouts, you should try these. They are so delicious and easy.

On a side (non picture) note, my kids did great at the science fair. You've seen the pictures about Antibubbles, Mr. C took home the silver medal (2nd place) in the primary level Physics category. He is very excited. We haven't decided if we will go to the state science fair yet. Miss M also received 2nd place for her Coral Reef study, but didn't score enough points for the medal. Her project topic was too complex and her judges comments said to make it more simple next year. She's pretty upset, but doing a great job understaning. We are already thinking about projects ideas for next year and whether Miss R will be entering the science fair as a kindergartener.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Thursday, Feb 4: Science Fair Day
The day is here. We have to be at the school at 8am (school starts at 8:40) to help check in the remaining projects. That means the 4 kids and I have to be up and ready by 7:30. I'm amazed we can do it, if we have to. We got to school this morning prepared for the onslaught (like last year), but everything was orderly and wonderful. All the projects got checked, the judges arrived (2 were missing) and we started calling the kids to the gym. Mr C was being judged today. I'm a little nervous for him, but know he wants to do well. There are 4 kids in his category and age group (K-3). His chances are good that he will place in the top 3. He seemed grumpy when he came into the gym (after lunch) and then I looked away while he was talking to the judges. No pressure from Mom! He left and I saw his scores....he got 86/100!! This is a great score. I'm not if he has won a medal yet, but the award show is tomorrow night. Miss M will be meeting with the judges about her project tomorrow day.

So, in the excitement of volunteering at school all day and talking about the older 2, you may wonder about the younger 2. Well, they come with me and try to make as much noise and mess as possible. No...they are old pros at being at the school. Miss R and Mr N spent a fair amount of time out on the playground and on the stage today. They earned a trip to McDonalds for lunch while I picked up Starbucks (for myself) and Little Caesars breadsticks (to go with the judges lunch). I managed to spend the afternoon putting together the judges giftbags (full of delicious beautiful treats from some of the other parent volunteers) and then tragedy struck. Not so much tragedy, but only Miss R can get stung by a hornet in February in Washington. She was crying and said she got bit by a mosquito. I took her into the office to get the bite checked. Our luck, the nurse was at our school that day and she was able to put ice on it. It was red and swollen. I wish I had that for a photo. By this evening, there is a tiny pinprick and no redness. Thank goodnes!! (

33/365 & 34/365

33/365 - Tuesday, Feb 2nd:
We are getting ready for our school Science Fair. Miss M is working hard on her project. She is explaining why coral reefs are dying. Her experiment is going ok, but her work is looking fantastic. Cross your fingers. She's a smart cookie. yummy almond roca

But first she has to go to her Camp Fire meeting and then head home to record her experiment results. She did great selling her Camp Fire candy and we are glad it's over. Thank you so much to our family for buying so much. Mwah!

34/365 - Wednesday, Feb 3rd:
We are in the home stretch for our Science Fair. Mr. C is breaking down and falling apart. He is so tired and his brain is fried with learning about antibubbles. Tonight will be gluing their photos to their presentation boards and helping set up all the boards at the science fair. A friend of mine is in charge of the event this year and is doing a fabulous, well organized job. I look forward to reading her notes and following her example next year when I'm in charge. Unless another brave parent volunteer wants to step up and be in charge. I'm happy to assist.

So, their boards are finished and their reports are typed. One last read through and they are ready to meet the judges Thursday or Friday. Now, I'm off to a 60 minute hot power yoga class to stretch out my muscles and relax before tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Monday, Feb 1:

Miss M and Mr C are working on their science fair projects (or is it I am working on their science fair projects). Miss M is doing great. She is working on "Why coral reefs are dying". Her experiment was easy to set up and we are just awaiting the results. Now, Mr C is having a harder time. He really wants to have a science experiment submitted to the science fair, but his attention span is lacking. We've read and read the information surrounding his project, but I'm not sure he is grasping everything. We have two more days to get the information tucked into his little brain. He's very excited about his experiment though. He is demonstrating and explaining what "antibubbles" are. They are pretty cool and took a lot of time of time to create. But we managed to make a few and prove that a salty solution creates longer lasting bubbles because they are heavier and float to the top of the water slower.


Sunday, January 31st:

It's Sunday. The day of rest. Ha! Not for this family. My sister-in-law, J, and I are working on completing our 10 days of Hot Yoga. We meet at the studio at 9:15 for a 10am 90 minute power yoga class. We get there early so that we can get a spot by the back door. The instuctor opens these doors (occassionally) to cool the room back down. The cold breeze feels fantastice. But, no today!! Our instructor didn't know she could open these doors. J would push her foot against the door and let in a small breeze, but it wasn't enough. Within 10 minutes, even my shoulders were sweating. It was at least 105 in there and the moves required a lot of whole body power movements. I spent much of the last 45 minutes resting on my mat. We were ecstatic to get outside and breath the cold air. We even took a walk down to starbucks afterwards for some morning coffee. We were sweaty and I was bright red in the face, but it was wonderful to know that my workout for the day was complete. Today (Monday) I am sore in places I wasn't sure I had muscles.

Afterwards, we went to our homes and got ready for the day. Then we all headed out and met at the American Legion Park in Everett. I nice little park that overlooks Puget Sound. It was chilly out, but not raining and the kids had a great time playing with their cousins.

Finally, I told you Sunday was not a day of rest, we stopped in Everett to do some quick shopping. The kids got a Zhu Zhu hamster to play with. Our pet one isn't so fun to hold and these ones can take the abuse of a 4 & 5 year old. Miss R really wanted a pink one. Since it's after Christmas, the stores are stocked with them now. They are loving playing with them. We then had to go next door to get our Science Fair project boards. Applications are due Monday and the Science Fair starts Thursday. Miss M and Mr C decided they DO want to enter a project. It will be a hectic few days. Finally, we got some groceries, headed home, made dinner, and the kids headed to bed. Whew!! Now, I do all the internet research for their science projects, print out what they need and spend some time with Miss M making sure she understands what her project is and what her experiment will be for tomorrow. I'm exhausted and ready for bed.


Saturday, Jan 30; 
We start the day with Mr C's basketball game at 9am. Marc and Miss R attend this game. Mr C makes a basket and is really enjoying this sport. Next is Miss M's basketball game at 10:05am. Heather and Mr N attend this game. It's our turn to bring snack and I forgot. We stop at Walgreens to grab something quick. Quick means pricey and it ends up costing $15 for gatorade and fiber bars. I really should plan ahead. Anyway, Miss M is getting the hang of the game, but isn't sure she enjoys it. We will keep working with her and see how she feels next year before sign ups. I spend the majority of the game talking to another Mom on our school's PTSA Board about upcoming events.

Afterwards, we head home, everyone changes clothes and we leave for a birthday party that starts at 12:30pm. We didn't buy a gift ahead of time (I am a poor planner) and Marc stopped on the way home from Mr. C's basketball game to let Miss R pick out a present for her friend. We get to Pump It Up right at 12:30 and the kids spend the next 2 hours burning up the last of their energy and eating cake!

Finally, we head home again. Miss M gets picked up by Grandma to spend the night at her house. We plan a living room sleepover with the other kids. We have deer sausage and eggs for dinner and then mostly lay down to relax and watch "Sherlock Holmes". It is a great movie, but the kids can't hold still and I'm sure I missed quite a bit of the dialogue.

A long, fun filled Saturday is complete!


I used my new Rachel Ray pans to cook up some YUMMY deer. Yep, deer. My Dad gave each of us kids a pack of deer meat and we are putting it to good use. Tonight I cooked up some back strap. So delicious!! Of course, the one time there isn't a ton of meat, Miss R and Mr N decided to eat. They enjoyed it so much, they asked for seconds. Of course they were calling it chicken, but they ate and didn't complain about what I made for dinner. Victory!! Tomorrow we are making deer sausage patties to eat with some hard boiled eggs. Delicious!

Now for the recipe:

4 pcs deer back strap
a little olive oil in the pan
cook until brown on both sides
pour a little merlot over the meat
add a pat of butter
let it condense, a little
sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper
remove deer from pan
add dijon mustard to the wine/butter/drippings in the pan
whisk into a sauce
cut the deer up and pour sauce over the top
Serves 4