Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Tuesday, Feb 23rd: My favorite time of day. While getting the kitchen cleaned up, Mr C sits down to read a bedtime story to Miss R and Mr N. He gets to work on his reading skills and they get an extra bedtime story. The are so sweet and attentive.

We had a great day today. I find that I pace the day since Marc won't be home at the end. It keeps me from going crazy and drinking more than a glass of wine. After Miss R got off to school, Mr N and I braved Costco together and spent way more than I planned, but we are so stocked up again. Part of the spending included a Sonicare. Marc and I have been talking about getting this toothbrush forever!! So, I brushed Miss R's teeth tonight (she is not a fan) and Mr C's teeth (cried about it) and tried it on myself. It will take some getting used to. Mostly it tickles my sensitive mouth (insert dirty joke here).

After Costco, we signed Mr. N up for preschool and stopped at Lowe's for some wallpaper for the bathrooms. Tomorrow I plan on tackling said bathrooms with a fresh coat of paint and some wainscot looking wallpaper. We are hoping to tile the bathrooms this next month (they are tiny, so it should be a 10 2 day job). We are looking at doing small improvements and using more of our time and money for some small local wanderings.

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  1. Such a sweet photo!
    I love Costco, but I had to cut myself off, because I was just not able to behave myself there!
    Your bathroom makeovers sound nice. We have been working on some projects around our house as well, I love it when a room is transformed.