Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sunday, Feb 21:

I have some great photos of the kids at the park Sunday. We are running out of a sunny forecast and need to get out. We went to the inlaws for a turkey lunch (delicious) and went to a local park with them and our nephew. The kids had a great time running around and the adults had some fun shooting baskets. But, I can't find my camera at the moment. Seriously, where did I set it? We came home so that Marc could pack and I ended up needing a little power nap (sad, I know). My SIL is arriving from Las Vegas tonight and I'm the designated pick up person since she gets in at 10:30 PM and everyone else needs to get up for work in the morning (stay at home Mom doesn't count as work). Kidding!! I'm a major night owl and stay up until midnight most nights anyway, so I volunteered to get her. Besides I get all the sordid details of the bachelorette weekend to keep me awake driving back home.

So, my little update with photo is that Marc is leaving for Atlanta Monday morning (at 5:30am). We had a great 48 hour weekend with him. The kids are sad to see him go, so he is taking 2 star wars legos to do battle in Atlanta and send us daily photos. Here's our 1st update:

They will put their guns down on Monday for National Margarita Day!

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