Friday, May 18, 2012

May 14 - Grass

Grass? Why grass? And no, I didn't photograph "that" kind of grass for my daily challenge. I did go off the normal path though.

 This is the only kind of grass I want in my yard. Decorative and colorful. My Dad and I just re-landscaped my front yard. We tore out what little grass was left and planted ground covers and decorative plants (grass). I love the way it blows in the wind and that I don't have to mow it. Ever.. Or worry about all the water it takes to keep it green. Or that I can die from my allergies to it. OK, maybe not "die", but I am very miserable. I don't sit in the grass or roll around it (which does not make my husband happy). Even the smell of cut grass makes my lungs shudder.

I will take my easy to maintain landscape over a field of grass any day.

May 13 - mum

a letter for my Mom
My Mom has been gone 8 years
How is that possible?
It feels like a lifetime ago
and like it was yesterday
Talking about her still brings tears to my eyes
And a smile to my heart
My kids will know her love
as they know mine

A wonderful Mother's Day
My kids served my breakfast in bed
Took me for a long walk to go for lunch
Then agreed to eat Indian for dinner
It was a lovely day (thanks for letting me nap)

Being a Mom
means your heart
walks around
outside your body

I LOVE my family!!

May 12 - something that makes you happy

Watching my children play sports makes me happy. They are all enthusiastic players and try their hardest. We have become a soccer family (for 8 years now), but they are trying to branch out to new sports.

Miss M has tried outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, basketball and swimming. She loves outdoor soccer the most. Next fall she will be adding Cross Country to her resume of sports.

Mr C has tried outdoor soccer, basketball, swimming and baseball. He's my all around sports guy. He leans towards basketball and now baseball. We will try outdoor soccer again in the fall with his favorite coach and make a final decision on whether or not to continue pursuing a soccer path.

Miss R is my finicky sports player. She is all about trying different things. Where Miss M is happy to play soccer year round, Miss R says "I already played soccer, what's next". So, we have done a few seasons of spring soccer and then she's ready to go back to swimming.

Mr N is getting his feet wet and learning to focus. He's played spring soccer several times and this year we have another natural goalie. I'm bragging here - but all my kids have been fantastic defenders and goalies. It surprises me on how different and how the same they each are.

As long as sports are making them happy, I'm happy (and will continue to coach them as it's needed).

Saturday, May 12, 2012

May 11 - kitchen

I took several photos around my kitchen. 

1. The whole kitchen (in it's glorious messy daily splendor) and then I was going to post a second photo of the clean kitchen that I prefer. 

2. I took a photo of my coffee maker. It's my second lover. I'm not sure I'm saving money by making my own coffee. I use 2 pods to make my espresso and drink 3 cups a day. Plus I find myself stopping at Starbucks for my daily mocha still.

3. I took a photo of my microwave. It's been broken for 3 years. And I don't miss it at all. Strange, right? We rarely eat leftovers and what I have can easily be heated on the stove.

4. Finally, I decided on a photo I took of dinner. With our hectic schedule sometimes I have to lay dinner out for my husband to make for 3 kids while I take the 4th kid to baseball. This particular night, the kids get off the bus at 3:30 and Mister C needed to be at baseball at 4pm followed by Miss M being at soccer at 7pm. I was able to have Marc make dinner for the 3 and then take Miss M to soccer and then Mister C and I ate when we got home at 7:30pm.

It was delicious. Beef stir fly with Black Bean Paste, baby corn, water chestnuts all over rice. The corn was put away for another night. I'm so happy that we have worked out a system to keep everyone eating at home despite the crazy sports and homework nights.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10 - a favourite word


Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun,
Please shine down on me

Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun,
Hiding behind a tree...

These little children
Are asking you
To please come out
So we can play with you

Oh Mister Sun, Sun,
Mister Golden Sun,
Please shine down on...
Please shine down on...
Please shine down on me!

This is a popular song in my house. I have never been so obsessed with weather and the sun. I think it's because it's become a rarity since moving to Washington. I didn't realize how much I love it until we came here. Don't get me wrong, I love getting a little snow every winter. I love that it's rarely "Hot", but I can do without the constant overcast. It's not the rain, we don't get as much as people think we do. It's just a constant cloud cover. Gray. Yuck.

May 9 - something you do everyday


This photo a day challenge is very inspirational. I think about something besides my daily "to do" list of getting from here to there to there to there. Thank You fat mum slim.

Something you do everyday - there are so many choices. My morning coffee. My run at the gym. My Starbucks coffee (I'm an addict). Facebook. Working on my computer. Cleaning house.

My favorite thing to do everyday though - is helping my kids. I'm growing humans here. They need to grow up well rounded, thoughtful and respectful. They need to learn about teamwork, sacrifice and doing nice things just because. We are a big "karma" family. If you do something bad, something bad will happen. And it happens quick in this family. Every time I'm naughty I turn around and stub my toe or walk into a wall. It's a running joke around here.

My "Something you do everyday" photo is my car. I am in this Honda Minivan so often that it's home. I was dragged - kicking and screaming while pregnant with kid #4 to buy a minivan. I didn't want to be a minivan mom, now I can't imagine life in a car or SUV. We have too much stuff and the van has so much room. I am currently coaching girls soccer and I was sitting in my car, making up my practice list of exercises and drills when I was inspired to take this photo. We are in the van 6 days a week going from one sport or another. 

It's crazy and hectic. But I'm loving it

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 8 - a smell you adore


It's a rare rose on a rare day that I adore the smell. These ones smelled fabulous and like how I think they should smell.

There are so many smells and memories tied to smells.

1.  A baby After a bath.
2.  When it first starts to rain.
3.  A slight ocean breeze.
4.  Coming home after a long day and dinner is cooking.
5.  Sourdough bread.
6.  Fresh laundry.
7.  The first hint of a cigar, but not a full smell.
8.  Lavender.
9.  Soap.
10. Vanilla candles.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7 - someone that inspires you

Day 7 - My Dad

He is adventurous. 
He is spontaneous. 
He is willing to try something new. 
He is willing to take me along too.

I took some time to reflect on someone that inspires me. There are so many.. I spent the entire day with my Dad today. Just him and me. I can't remember the last time that happened. There is always a kid, family member or friend around.

My wonderful husband said he would pick up Mr N from Kindergarten and take him to work with him so that my Dad and I could go into Seattle and explore.

The weather could NOT have been any better. The sun arrived. We got the 70 degrees!! Blue skies and a little haze. Perfect!

We arrived in downtown talking about things we have always wanted to do in Seattle and "Ride the Ducks" came up. We both said, "Let's Go!". We pulled into the parking lot and one duck was ready to go. We bought our tickets and off we went. This tour is a kick in the pants. Our comedic tour guide, Squidd Roe, had the best laugh, the corniest jokes and great stories about buildings and history of Seattle. He has a soundtrack to play and silly hats depending on where we were on the tour. I learned some new facts about my new city.

We followed up our tour with a walk through Seattle Center. Seattle Center is undergoing a major renovation for the 50th year since the World's Fair. The newest addition "Chihuly's Garden and Glass" looks like it will be amazing. It opens May 21st and we were able to see a little of the glass work through the fence. 

We walked down Broad Street to the Seattle Art Museum's FREE Olympic Sculpture Park. This is a great place to stroll and eat a picnic lunch. The views are amazing! We followed the path through the Sculpture Park to the Waterfront. A long walk south led us to our lunch destination "The Crab Pot". We shared a Seafeast for 2 with mussels, clams, shrimp, potatoes and corn with a crabbed stuffed mushroom appetizer. Most delicious!!

After lunch we strolled over to the Antique Market and then up the stairs to Pikes Place Market. We've done this place a few times and walked up Pike Street to turn down to Westlake Center. Outside Westlake Center is a public square. All the trees were painted blue! We went into Westlake and up to the third floor to take the Monorail back to Seattle Center. It was time to head home, pick up my kids and off to coach my U8 soccer team.

What a day with my inspiration. I'm glad you inspire me to a better relationship, a better life and a better parent.

Ride the Ducks

out on the water in the duck

Chihuly Garden of Glass

My Dad

Olympic Sculpture Park (facing east)

"The Cove" at the Crab Pot

Blue Trees in Westlake Park

Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 6 - you

This is me. I used Photo Booth on my computer and took the picture of the image with my phone so that I could play with the composition in Instagram. 

Pictures of yourself must be difficult for everyone. I am so critical of my hair, my nose, my complexion. Do I have a double chin, do my breasts look enormous (they are, but I don't want everyone to notice that first). To top if off, I wasn't thinking about this shot this morning and I pulled my hair back and went about my day without any makeup on. I decided this shot would be the best (and it's not bad) to represent me. Happy and sharing my life with the world.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5 - bird

"Bird" was another challenge. I'm trying not to go into my archives of photos to find a great photo to post. I'm out and I'm exploring.

Today was a busy day with 3 sports to get the kids to. Mr C had baseball from 2pm-4pm (they have to be there at 1pm), Mr N had his first soccer game at 1pm and Miss M had her last indoor soccer game at 2pm. I take Mr C because I am the scorekeeper and we realized we had a BIG conflict with getting Miss M to soccer. So, Aunt Jamie to the rescue. She picked up Miss M and took her to her sport and then Marc drove up after Mr N's game was finished. In the middle of all this run around, Miss M scored her first soccer goal. EVER! And we both missed it. I'm so proud of her for finally scoring. You know that has to feel great after playing for the past 8 seasons.

Back to my "bird" shot. I asked my 4 kids to all give me the "bird" (middle finger) with their hands close together and I will crop out their faces. Mr C refused. He says he will NEVER give me the middle finger (we'll see as he gets to be a teenager). So, I was looking around as we went about our day and Mr C pointed out this huge bird sculpture. We pulled over and took several shots (including some with him in them for my own photo library). 

I not only got my bird shot, but I had fun searching with my kid.

May 4 - fun!

Day 4 - and I'm still photographing.

When I started my day I couldn't picture anything fun on the agenda. I needed to work online for my brother, go to my friends and return messages to brides needing alterations, then head to the school to collect the Pennies for Patients boxes for the charity we are supporting this school year. So, I decided it was the kind of day to "make" fun happen. I got my Mr N off of the bus and bribed him with lunch if he would hang out while I returned phone calls. 

I let him pick lunch and he decided Subway. We split a foot long pizza sub. While sitting and eating our sandwich, we spent some time chatting and I realized that this moment was my FUN moment. He makes me laugh and smile. We had a great time and that made my whole day.

May 3 - something you wore today


This photo challenge is getting me to stretch my wings and explore my world while sticking to the task at hand. I'm loving it.

Something you wore today could go any way. I took pictures of my braids I wore, but my running shoes and track pants perfectly explain what I wear at this point in my life. I've made the gym the first priority of each day that is all about me. I get dressed for the gym, make lunches, fuel up on toast and peanut butter and leave as soon as the school bus leaves.

I'm up to 10 minutes on the stairs, followed by 10 minutes on the rower. Once I'm all warmed up, I hit the weight floor to use various arm, back and chest machines. This takes about 30-45 minutes and my workout buddy finally shows up. We head up to the treadmills where I am working on learning to run again. I jog either 1 minute followed by walk 2 minutes which I alternate for 30-45 minutes or I just started jogging an 1/8 mile then walk an 1/8 mile back and forth until the time is up.

I feel like I've got myself at a great work out pace, but I can not get my scale to move! My hips are smaller (always a blessing), but I really want the weight to come off. I think it's time to log the food I do it. It doesn't feel like much, but obviously something is keeping this weight on. I'm not asking for a bikini body, but pre-kids would be the biggest blessing.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2 - Skyline


Day 2 - May Photo a Day Challenge: Skyline

My family took an overnight drive to Yakima, WA for part of our Spring Break. While there we decided to drive down to Maryhill to see a World War II memorial that is a replica of Stonehenge in England. While driving down Hwy 97 we stopped at this scenic outlook. Mr C had just learned about Washington landmarks in class (they had to make a cookie map replica of the state and use candy for landmarks) and we were happy to see Mt. Adams for the first time. I was even more happy that this shot of Mt Adams had an old house and trees in the foreground. I love taking photos of old homes and trees. I can sit back and let my imagination run wild about who lived there, how did they live and why is it abandoned now. My second favorite types of Skylines is anything with the sun!
 Bonus photo: sunset in Oregon

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1 - Peace


My oldest daughter, Miss M, is a very peaceful person. She loves anything tie-dyed or with peace signs. We have a peace sign bean bag, peace sign rug and peace sign t-shirts. She's my little hippie.

We recently took an overnight trip to Yakima, WA for a quick get away. We found this wonderful park with a wall full of inspiration and art. This peace sign instantly reminded me of my daughter.

Now I'll need to blog about our Yakima trip!

May Photo Challenge

It's time to get moving again. Spring is here (or so I'm told) and it's time for a new beginning. I'll start with this photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim. Everyday is a different type of photo and maybe a little story behind it. Now if I can figure out how to have Instagram post to my blog as well as my Facebook, I would be ecstatic.

Here is her "Photo A Day for May" list. Feel free to join in too!