Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 4 - fun!

Day 4 - and I'm still photographing.

When I started my day I couldn't picture anything fun on the agenda. I needed to work online for my brother, go to my friends and return messages to brides needing alterations, then head to the school to collect the Pennies for Patients boxes for the charity we are supporting this school year. So, I decided it was the kind of day to "make" fun happen. I got my Mr N off of the bus and bribed him with lunch if he would hang out while I returned phone calls. 

I let him pick lunch and he decided Subway. We split a foot long pizza sub. While sitting and eating our sandwich, we spent some time chatting and I realized that this moment was my FUN moment. He makes me laugh and smile. We had a great time and that made my whole day.

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