Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 3 - something you wore today


This photo challenge is getting me to stretch my wings and explore my world while sticking to the task at hand. I'm loving it.

Something you wore today could go any way. I took pictures of my braids I wore, but my running shoes and track pants perfectly explain what I wear at this point in my life. I've made the gym the first priority of each day that is all about me. I get dressed for the gym, make lunches, fuel up on toast and peanut butter and leave as soon as the school bus leaves.

I'm up to 10 minutes on the stairs, followed by 10 minutes on the rower. Once I'm all warmed up, I hit the weight floor to use various arm, back and chest machines. This takes about 30-45 minutes and my workout buddy finally shows up. We head up to the treadmills where I am working on learning to run again. I jog either 1 minute followed by walk 2 minutes which I alternate for 30-45 minutes or I just started jogging an 1/8 mile then walk an 1/8 mile back and forth until the time is up.

I feel like I've got myself at a great work out pace, but I can not get my scale to move! My hips are smaller (always a blessing), but I really want the weight to come off. I think it's time to log the food I do it. It doesn't feel like much, but obviously something is keeping this weight on. I'm not asking for a bikini body, but pre-kids would be the biggest blessing.

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