Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2 - Skyline


Day 2 - May Photo a Day Challenge: Skyline

My family took an overnight drive to Yakima, WA for part of our Spring Break. While there we decided to drive down to Maryhill to see a World War II memorial that is a replica of Stonehenge in England. While driving down Hwy 97 we stopped at this scenic outlook. Mr C had just learned about Washington landmarks in class (they had to make a cookie map replica of the state and use candy for landmarks) and we were happy to see Mt. Adams for the first time. I was even more happy that this shot of Mt Adams had an old house and trees in the foreground. I love taking photos of old homes and trees. I can sit back and let my imagination run wild about who lived there, how did they live and why is it abandoned now. My second favorite types of Skylines is anything with the sun!
 Bonus photo: sunset in Oregon

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