Saturday, May 5, 2012

May 5 - bird

"Bird" was another challenge. I'm trying not to go into my archives of photos to find a great photo to post. I'm out and I'm exploring.

Today was a busy day with 3 sports to get the kids to. Mr C had baseball from 2pm-4pm (they have to be there at 1pm), Mr N had his first soccer game at 1pm and Miss M had her last indoor soccer game at 2pm. I take Mr C because I am the scorekeeper and we realized we had a BIG conflict with getting Miss M to soccer. So, Aunt Jamie to the rescue. She picked up Miss M and took her to her sport and then Marc drove up after Mr N's game was finished. In the middle of all this run around, Miss M scored her first soccer goal. EVER! And we both missed it. I'm so proud of her for finally scoring. You know that has to feel great after playing for the past 8 seasons.

Back to my "bird" shot. I asked my 4 kids to all give me the "bird" (middle finger) with their hands close together and I will crop out their faces. Mr C refused. He says he will NEVER give me the middle finger (we'll see as he gets to be a teenager). So, I was looking around as we went about our day and Mr C pointed out this huge bird sculpture. We pulled over and took several shots (including some with him in them for my own photo library). 

I not only got my bird shot, but I had fun searching with my kid.

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