Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 9 - something you do everyday


This photo a day challenge is very inspirational. I think about something besides my daily "to do" list of getting from here to there to there to there. Thank You fat mum slim.

Something you do everyday - there are so many choices. My morning coffee. My run at the gym. My Starbucks coffee (I'm an addict). Facebook. Working on my computer. Cleaning house.

My favorite thing to do everyday though - is helping my kids. I'm growing humans here. They need to grow up well rounded, thoughtful and respectful. They need to learn about teamwork, sacrifice and doing nice things just because. We are a big "karma" family. If you do something bad, something bad will happen. And it happens quick in this family. Every time I'm naughty I turn around and stub my toe or walk into a wall. It's a running joke around here.

My "Something you do everyday" photo is my car. I am in this Honda Minivan so often that it's home. I was dragged - kicking and screaming while pregnant with kid #4 to buy a minivan. I didn't want to be a minivan mom, now I can't imagine life in a car or SUV. We have too much stuff and the van has so much room. I am currently coaching girls soccer and I was sitting in my car, making up my practice list of exercises and drills when I was inspired to take this photo. We are in the van 6 days a week going from one sport or another. 

It's crazy and hectic. But I'm loving it

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