Friday, May 18, 2012

May 12 - something that makes you happy

Watching my children play sports makes me happy. They are all enthusiastic players and try their hardest. We have become a soccer family (for 8 years now), but they are trying to branch out to new sports.

Miss M has tried outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, basketball and swimming. She loves outdoor soccer the most. Next fall she will be adding Cross Country to her resume of sports.

Mr C has tried outdoor soccer, basketball, swimming and baseball. He's my all around sports guy. He leans towards basketball and now baseball. We will try outdoor soccer again in the fall with his favorite coach and make a final decision on whether or not to continue pursuing a soccer path.

Miss R is my finicky sports player. She is all about trying different things. Where Miss M is happy to play soccer year round, Miss R says "I already played soccer, what's next". So, we have done a few seasons of spring soccer and then she's ready to go back to swimming.

Mr N is getting his feet wet and learning to focus. He's played spring soccer several times and this year we have another natural goalie. I'm bragging here - but all my kids have been fantastic defenders and goalies. It surprises me on how different and how the same they each are.

As long as sports are making them happy, I'm happy (and will continue to coach them as it's needed).

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