Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7 - someone that inspires you

Day 7 - My Dad

He is adventurous. 
He is spontaneous. 
He is willing to try something new. 
He is willing to take me along too.

I took some time to reflect on someone that inspires me. There are so many.. I spent the entire day with my Dad today. Just him and me. I can't remember the last time that happened. There is always a kid, family member or friend around.

My wonderful husband said he would pick up Mr N from Kindergarten and take him to work with him so that my Dad and I could go into Seattle and explore.

The weather could NOT have been any better. The sun arrived. We got the 70 degrees!! Blue skies and a little haze. Perfect!

We arrived in downtown talking about things we have always wanted to do in Seattle and "Ride the Ducks" came up. We both said, "Let's Go!". We pulled into the parking lot and one duck was ready to go. We bought our tickets and off we went. This tour is a kick in the pants. Our comedic tour guide, Squidd Roe, had the best laugh, the corniest jokes and great stories about buildings and history of Seattle. He has a soundtrack to play and silly hats depending on where we were on the tour. I learned some new facts about my new city.

We followed up our tour with a walk through Seattle Center. Seattle Center is undergoing a major renovation for the 50th year since the World's Fair. The newest addition "Chihuly's Garden and Glass" looks like it will be amazing. It opens May 21st and we were able to see a little of the glass work through the fence. 

We walked down Broad Street to the Seattle Art Museum's FREE Olympic Sculpture Park. This is a great place to stroll and eat a picnic lunch. The views are amazing! We followed the path through the Sculpture Park to the Waterfront. A long walk south led us to our lunch destination "The Crab Pot". We shared a Seafeast for 2 with mussels, clams, shrimp, potatoes and corn with a crabbed stuffed mushroom appetizer. Most delicious!!

After lunch we strolled over to the Antique Market and then up the stairs to Pikes Place Market. We've done this place a few times and walked up Pike Street to turn down to Westlake Center. Outside Westlake Center is a public square. All the trees were painted blue! We went into Westlake and up to the third floor to take the Monorail back to Seattle Center. It was time to head home, pick up my kids and off to coach my U8 soccer team.

What a day with my inspiration. I'm glad you inspire me to a better relationship, a better life and a better parent.

Ride the Ducks

out on the water in the duck

Chihuly Garden of Glass

My Dad

Olympic Sculpture Park (facing east)

"The Cove" at the Crab Pot

Blue Trees in Westlake Park

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