Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wed, Feb 24:

My guilty pleasure is reading. I LOVE to READ! Lately, I spent a lot of time playing with games on facebook and just wasting some time. I woke up realized that these games were appealing to my small OCD tendencies to get to the next level and that I wasn't reading anymore. So, I deleted those games (though I still facebook to keep up with friends) and started reading. I have finished 4 books in the last 2 weeks.

It helps that Marc is out of town. You would think that I would have less time to read with him gone, but the kids and I have a great system and while they play, I read. I try not to overload my schedule while he's gone so that I don't go crazy running the kids everywhere. Plus, I stay up until midnight to finish a book and start the next one.

I'm slowly realizing that I am a Young Adult reader. They are easy and fast to read. I'm not so much into the romance novels or thinking books. I just like to sit, get lost and let the book play like a movie in my head. I am moving into historical bibliographies. I always wonder what it would be like to live in different times and places.

So, my disjointed mind is wandering and I will live you with a vision of my latest book. I just realized today that the camera on my MacBook takes the photo in reverse and I haven't figured out how to flip the photo. (This could explain why I think photos of myself look off - because they are flipped from what I see). Therefore, my picture is flipped. Nevermind, while trying to add the photo (so that it's vertical, not horizontal) I found the flip button. Go Me!


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