Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happiness is...


I'm going to go a little out there with this post. I'm always thinking about my daily photo and spending much more time playing with the kids and working on me. I'm also thinking about where I want to travel this year. Of course I want to go everywhere, but the budget will only allow for a small amount. So, my "little out there" come courtesy of a wonderful blogger Mom out there at Whooo's That Girl. I love to follow her blog and daily adventures. She sent this wonderful little chainmail award ;) to me about being happy. The point is to have 10 more friends copy and paste, but I only have 3 (on here) and 1 just cancelled her blog (so sad!). But I love to tell you all about me and learn all about you, so here goes:

Happiness is....

Showers: I love the 10 minutes of steaming hot heat that warms my body and prepares me to face the day. It's quiet in there, I can think and relax the tension from my shoulders and head.

Kids: Oh they drive me crazy, but I know this phase will pass all too quickly. I already see how quiet my older two are becoming and realize the independent younger two will follow them quickly. I'm sure I will soon be hoping they emerge from their rooms.

PTSA: A weird thing that makes me so happy. I've been on the PTSA Board for the past two years as secretary. Being part of something, outside of the home, helps me get through the long, dark winter. I get to talk to adults and help the kids. I volunteer for way too many committees, but it makes me happy.

my MacBook Pro: I am addicted to this computer. I love to read your blogs (does that make the blogs my happiness?). I can update my photos and keep in contact with my family. I'm surprised anyone uses the phone anymore. Someday (it will be strange), I can see conversations to be limited to personal contact only and all other conversations will be via texts and emails.

my iPhone: This is honestly the best phone ever!! It's like a mini computer in my pocket. The only drawback is that I check and play with my apps while my book sits in my purse, waiting to be read.

Books: They take me to a different place. They allow my mind to wander. They inspire me and make me so happy. I get overwhelmed with all the daily noise of our household and my books allow me to retreat for an hour or two.

the Sun: "Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on me."

We have moved our art desk under the south facing window and I LOVE when the sun breaks through the never ending winter clouds and lights up my face and warms my fingers. I smile, raise up my face and dream of warmer days.

my digital SLR: I capture soooo many moments and memories in our lives. I'm trying to cut back and enjoy the moment more, but I love to get that perfect little photo of my kiddos that they enjoy looking at and remembering the wonderful day we had.

Wandering: I love to wander. Whether it's walking or driving. Sometimes, we just get in the car...and go. No destination in mind. We'll try a side street. We'll try an off the road town. Occasionally, we'll pull out the map and see where we've been and try and go a little further. The kids get some time to talk to each other and Marc & I get some time to talk without the household distractions.

Wow...#10. I'm amazed at how many things make me happy. My final thought for today will be Family...I am lucky that my family lives nearby (at least some of them). If we are up for an adventure, my brother and his family is willing to follow along. Although I worry that it will be a terrible adventure and he won't like it, they seem game to follow us. My family makes an effort to keep in touch. And if we don't, I know when I see them again, it will be like we saw each other yesterday. The conversations are easy, free flowing and the love is felt all around. Like a happy pink glow!

With that, I want you to think about 10 things that make you happy. You can comment below and list out 10 things. Or 1 really big thing. You don't have to explain. Just list it! I'm smiling now because I'm reminded of the happy things in my life and I have my new bloggy friend, Lissa, to thank. THANK YOU!!


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