Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Friday, Feb 12:
Today was a great day, in a different way. 
1. Marc took the day off work since he is flying out Monday for 5 days.
2. Miss R got an invite from a preschool friend to go to Jump Planet. At first I declined, but then I remembered Marc was home and I was able to leave Miss M and Mr C at home with him. I took Miss R and Mr N to go bounce for 1 hr 15 min.
3. We were then invited to play at her friends house. I called Marc and then went on a playdate (both for the kids and me).
4. Miss M was able to have a friend over and then go to her friends house.
5. Mr C was able to have a friend over for a few years.
6. Marc didn't get overwhelmed by all this because there was never more than 4 kids here (instead of 6 or 7).
7. I came home and managed to whip together some delicious tacos with crab and chicken to choose from.

There, it was a great day...though not our normal what shall we do kind of day.

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