Thursday, February 11, 2010


Wed, Feb 10:
My friend, Maribeth, is the best. She volunteers to help me with every project I volunteer for at school. It's great to know I have such great friends..because I volunteer for a lot. Well, I volunteered to lead the Junior PTSA at our school and they do a lot of events. If I wasn't such a control freak, I think the kids would do more and I would do less. Maybe next year. 
Anyway, we are in the middle of an easy fundraiser called "Friendship Grams". Maribeth used the die-cutter to make 1000 paper hearts. She then punched 2 holes in each and stamped them with a "To: From:" and a square box for the room number. We then spend Mon, Tues and Wed on the stage at school selling these grams to the kids to send to one another. After they are sold and filled out by said kids, we thread a tootsie pop through each one, put a piece of tape on the back to hold them and attach a pretty butterfly clip to each one for a girl. The kids love to get these and it was an easy way to buy my kids their class set of valentines this year. In total, we made about $150 which will go towards the Junior PTSA end of year party. 
I must admit, I did allow 3-4 kids to help us by threading the tootsie pop, applying the tape and clip and sorting all 700 grams into the bags for the classrooms. Maybe I am relinquishing control after all. 

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