Thursday, February 4, 2010

33/365 & 34/365

33/365 - Tuesday, Feb 2nd:
We are getting ready for our school Science Fair. Miss M is working hard on her project. She is explaining why coral reefs are dying. Her experiment is going ok, but her work is looking fantastic. Cross your fingers. She's a smart cookie. yummy almond roca

But first she has to go to her Camp Fire meeting and then head home to record her experiment results. She did great selling her Camp Fire candy and we are glad it's over. Thank you so much to our family for buying so much. Mwah!

34/365 - Wednesday, Feb 3rd:
We are in the home stretch for our Science Fair. Mr. C is breaking down and falling apart. He is so tired and his brain is fried with learning about antibubbles. Tonight will be gluing their photos to their presentation boards and helping set up all the boards at the science fair. A friend of mine is in charge of the event this year and is doing a fabulous, well organized job. I look forward to reading her notes and following her example next year when I'm in charge. Unless another brave parent volunteer wants to step up and be in charge. I'm happy to assist.

So, their boards are finished and their reports are typed. One last read through and they are ready to meet the judges Thursday or Friday. Now, I'm off to a 60 minute hot power yoga class to stretch out my muscles and relax before tomorrow.

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