Monday, February 1, 2010


Monday, Feb 1:

Miss M and Mr C are working on their science fair projects (or is it I am working on their science fair projects). Miss M is doing great. She is working on "Why coral reefs are dying". Her experiment was easy to set up and we are just awaiting the results. Now, Mr C is having a harder time. He really wants to have a science experiment submitted to the science fair, but his attention span is lacking. We've read and read the information surrounding his project, but I'm not sure he is grasping everything. We have two more days to get the information tucked into his little brain. He's very excited about his experiment though. He is demonstrating and explaining what "antibubbles" are. They are pretty cool and took a lot of time of time to create. But we managed to make a few and prove that a salty solution creates longer lasting bubbles because they are heavier and float to the top of the water slower.

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