Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mon, Feb 15:

Today is day 4 of the kids being home on a mini vacation. Not exactly mid-winter break, but they have 2 Teacher In Service days (Friday and Tuesday) with Presidents Day today. Also, Marc flew out this morning for 5 days. Miss M and I drove him to the airport at 5:30am. We came home and napped after that! You would think that with 5 days off we would be off doing a little wandering, but time and schedules did not allow us. What a waste of some perfectly good time off. But, soon...I am planning lots of moving about, soon!

Back to today, most of the day was filled with lazing around and a little laundry and cleaning. I was babysitting my nephew, Mr T, whose preschool was closed for the day. I never was able to convince him to change out of his pajamas. After many hours of playing, we finally decided to venture outside. It was overcast, but surprisingly warmer than I thought. They kids all took their bikes down the hill to ride for awhile. Miss M crashed and bruised her ego and was not having any of me taking her photo. Mr C was more than happy to mug a few shots for me. My neighbor came out with her kids and I got some much needed adult talking time. I'm always grateful when she comes out to play.


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