Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Buckhead Atlanta GA ...

Friday, Feb 19:

Marc is in Atlanta for work this week. Luckily it's a slow week at home and being a single mom to 4 isn't so bad when you know the Mr. is coming home Friday night. I won't mention that he is leaving again on Monday for another week in Atlanta (yet).

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We had another day of great weather and I spent a lot of the day at my kids school. We held our Jr. PTSA meeting during lunch. We made signs and posters for our walk-a-thon that afternoon. Our school walked for Haiti. I stayed to help mark the tally cards for the 500 kids. It was great to stand out in the sunshine and see the faces of the kids as they crossed the line after every lap. Kids did anywhere from 10-23 laps (about 1/4 mile path). The great thing about volunteering for this is Miss R and Mr N can come with. They walked the path twice with Miss M and Mr C and then they played on the playground.

My overly eventful day ended when I recieved a phone call at 4:30 from the news channel to come interview my about some breaking news. See, I overdrew my bank account (embarrassing) with 3 withdrawals one weekend. My bank decides it's best for the customer to reorder all pending charges from highest to lowest and hit me with 9 overdraft fees! I was so mad. I was expecting to pay for 3, not 9. Anyway, I wrote our local news to ask for some help. A lawsuit was filed Friday about this practice and the news came to talk to me since it had happened to me. It was weird to talk with the camera rolling and to stage out some action shots. Hopefully, some day...I will see some of the overdraft fees reversed. But my 15 minutes of fame (well, 2 minutes) came and went and the world now knows that I am terrible about balancing my checkbook. lol!

I'm thinking this is less photo of my day and just my day.

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