Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thurs, Feb 18:

We are having some b-e-a-u-ti-ful sunny weather lately. I think Washington is having the best weather in the US (besides Hawaii, of course).

Miss R, Mr N and I are taking advantage of the warm sun and heading outdoors. We were to meet some preschool friends at the park by the lake, but everyone bailed. One kid had croup, and the other friend was too excited that her brother was coming to town and didn't want to leave home. Fortunately, Miss R has Mr N to play with. We ran down by the water and watched the ducks, made some sandcastles and then played in the park. My pictures for the day were well planned, but I ended up on the phone for the whole time with one of the mom's who didn't show. I'm not rude, but I did try to end the conversation several times. I enjoyed talking to her, but I missed some great shots (since I only brought my camera phone). The best one was Mr. Northwest. He walked onto the beach and stripped down to shorts, but on some coconut oil and layed in his chair to soak up the sun. He's Mr. Northwest because despite the abundance of sun, it was only 55 degrees!! Seriously, too cold to be laying out for a tan!

Anyway, I caught my little ones holding hands and skip out of the grocery store later that day. They are too cute.

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