Monday, February 1, 2010


I used my new Rachel Ray pans to cook up some YUMMY deer. Yep, deer. My Dad gave each of us kids a pack of deer meat and we are putting it to good use. Tonight I cooked up some back strap. So delicious!! Of course, the one time there isn't a ton of meat, Miss R and Mr N decided to eat. They enjoyed it so much, they asked for seconds. Of course they were calling it chicken, but they ate and didn't complain about what I made for dinner. Victory!! Tomorrow we are making deer sausage patties to eat with some hard boiled eggs. Delicious!

Now for the recipe:

4 pcs deer back strap
a little olive oil in the pan
cook until brown on both sides
pour a little merlot over the meat
add a pat of butter
let it condense, a little
sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper
remove deer from pan
add dijon mustard to the wine/butter/drippings in the pan
whisk into a sauce
cut the deer up and pour sauce over the top
Serves 4

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