Wednesday, July 14, 2010

from the mouths of babes...

My kids are on summer vacation. I would say we are not busy, so they are bored...but we are busy and maybe that's why we have all the fighting. We've been camping over 2 weekends, three of the kids had daily swim lessons for 2 weeks and now the older two (ages 10, 8) have 4 days of tennis lessons from 9-12. I've been able to entertain the little two (ages 4, 5) because there is a jogging track across the road with a fitness playground and an elementary school across the baseball field. We have been out and playing hard.

I guess I pressed my luck by making a stop at Home Depot (after McDonalds as their bribe lunch). They acted like they were still in the park. We had a long discussions about "park" behavior and "store" behavior. None of this lecture sunk in because they acted the same way at the grocery store. We had another threat discussion that if they made a whiny, yelling peep while at the chiropractor - they all 4 would be grounded. I don't care who started it. I don't care why you are yelling or hitting, just no peeps!!

They made it through. Alive. And quiet. We made it home. Alive. And quiet. I've managed to not open that bottle of wine and am able to relax before I go back outside to start painting the front steps railings (I've spent two afternoons scrubbing the wood). The younger two have managed to listen to my "no video games or TV today" rule and are playing nicely in the backyard. Older two are playing a card game and keeping the peace (for the most part). When suddenly, Mr C needed to use the restroom. Here's the exchange of words:

Mr C: You steal any of my cards and I will destroy you!!
Miss M: Wow. That sounds ominous.

I guess the "park" behavior is simmering under their skin and I need to sneak out front to sit in my favorite chair and finish my book club book before they erupt again.

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