Thursday, July 22, 2010

Should I stay or should I go now?

It's day 1 of our vacation. We are driving from Seattle, WA to Redding, CA (615 miles).

Here's the lead up.
Tuesday night - 6 haircuts.
Wednesday morning - chiropractor appt for me. Shopping for the road with my 4 kids and 1 of their friends (it was super quick). Some play time for the kids while I finish laundry and wonder how we will finish a gallon of milk and loaf of bread by morning. I pack one suitcase for 4 kids. 1 suitcase for me (with room for nubby to pack himself. I have 4 kids, that's enough to account for). I managed to squeeze in a trip to the nail salon for a manicure/pedicure. It's been 2 years and it was wonderful. Miss R came in with me and got her nails polished pink (so cute). We go home and finish running through the list of what to pack for 6 for 10 days.

Wednesday night - hubby gets home. I give him the rundown. I realize the hamster drank almost all his (her) water in 3 days. Crap. We have a pet and we are leaving town. I call a neighbor kid and offer $5 to come feed and water Zippy 3 times, but don't hold him - he bites. Now that we are under control, it's time for me to go to bookclub. (never a dull moment cor me). I pick up my friend and head to our friends house. Lots of great food and wine later (have you ever had Pimm's liquor and 7up? Yummy). We discuss "Edgar Sawtelle" (terribly long and leaves so may, whats! I drop off my friend and get home at 11pm (we plan on leaving at 5am).

Later Wednesday night - I got home and see my neighbors garage doors open. Their bedroom light is on and I go ring the doorbell. A bunch of cars were broken into on Monday (including mine - nothing was missing from the Mom minivan with a million "Dora or Max and Ruby DVDs). So, we chat for a few minutes about the other neighbor who had his house broken into at 3pm through the front window and I wonder if I'll ever sleep tonight. I go back home and 2 minutes later, the police car I saw down the road is driving down our street with his flashlight on looking in the yards of our street. He then parks at the entrance to our street with his flashers on. What the he'll? First we have car break INS (granted I left my car unlocked) then I find out the neighbor was broken into and we are leaving for a 10 day 5 hours. I have to be up at 4:30am. Marc and I chat until 1am and I finally calm down enough to fall asleep. If someone does break in while we are gone, they will find nothing great to take. We brought our laptops and there's not much else. Hopefully the neighbors will keep an eye out.

Thursday morning - should I stay or should I go now? It's 4:30am. We slept for 3ish hours and we have a 12 hour drive ahead of us. I hate waking up early, but I love getting to Redding early enough for the kids to run off all their pent up energy. We opt to leave. Showers, bags in car, kids in car, all windows shut tight, and we bit the local Starbuck for a triple shot mocha finally get on the freeway at 5:40am.

Woo Hoo for vacation Woo Hoo for road trips I love that the kids can handle a 600 mile drive with minimal fighting 2 hours down and


  1. Wow, kuddos to all of you because a 600 mile drive just makes me want to curl up in a fetal position. If its more than 20 minutes, I get antsy and my nerves start going whacko.

    Hope you guys have fun!

  2. Wow! You're organized! Awesome! I hope you have a fabulous time!

    We are leaving with our two kids and two dogs for a road trip across Canada this weekend! I'm getting nervous! We've got the haircuts, the chiropractor, and the vet check-ups done! Now for the packing....uuugggggg!

    I read Edgar Sawtelle, I kind of liked it.

    Have a wonderful trip! :)

  3. So organized! I love an early start when travelling :D

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  5. Hi Heather, I just sent you an email. I realise now your on vaca so I will just wait until you are back. Hope you have a great vacation with lots of photo ops!