Tuesday, March 30, 2010



This is what 35 meals for 2 people look like. Marc and I are embarking on a new healthy eating plan. Let me tell you. We were so supersizing everything we ate. Even though I use the little plate, it was still so much more than we should be eating. That would explain why I haven't been able to lose any weight over the last year despite making many changes to my diet.

I've also found that I am a picker. I go into the kitchen and pick at something. Especially if that something was really tasty for dinner. Today, I cut out sugar in my coffee. I still use the creamer, but it is non fat. Baby steps. I used to use TEASPOONS of sugar (seriously, like 5 time 5 cups a day). I hope this helps. We are doing weekly weigh ins on Sunday's and I'm starting my transformation blog elsewhere. I will link to it once I get permission from my husband for all of you lovelies to peruse our gigantic effort to get healthy and happy.

(I am not endorsed or paid by NutriSystem. This was my choice of a diet plan to follow based on friends who have embarked on this road and had huge success. We bought the plan through Costco at a significant discount $259 per person instead of $299 for women and $309 for men).


  1. Wow, you're all set! How does the system work? Is it all of your meals for the day, or is it one meal a day?

  2. HI, thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't that funny about the shirt lifting? I wonder what makes them do that?

    Good for you! I am all about the calories in and calories out and I try to limit processed foods in my diet., I've probably lost, at least, 5 pounds. I picked up my daughter's vicious stomach flu. Not a way to lose weight as I lie in bed miserable. Good luck.