Thursday, April 1, 2010

my new eating plan

Marc and I have started NutriSystem. It is a meal delivered program. Marc and I went online and ordered 1 of everything so that we can try all the food. We ordered 35 breakfast, 35 lunch, 35 dinner and 35 dessert. They were all delivered on Monday and we started our program on Monday.

So each day our food each day includes 8 glasses of water and then:
1. breakfast entree + a dairy or protein + fruit
2. lunch entree + 2 vegetable servings + fat free dressing (if needed) + dairy or protein
3. dinner entree + 2 vegetable servings + fruit or vegetable serving + fat free dressing (if needed) + fat
4. dessert entree

The main entree each day is pre-packaged and pre-portioned and then we add our vegetables and fruits. It is really easy to stick to (so far) because we grab the meal and make it. It takes about 90 seconds. This is perfect for us with the spring soccer season starting and we have practice or games 3 nights a week plus swim lessons twice a week. I get to practice making our normal meals for the kids. By the time we finish the program, I'm hoping I will have the portions down and meals planned for Marc and I to continue eating healthy and correctly. We are planning on being on this program at least 2 months. It takes awhile to get a good habit to stick and we have a lot of weight to lose.

Each day we make a mark on our master list of food we like and don't like so that we know what to order next month. I have to say...I will not reorder the mushroom risotto. It smells like feet. I managed to eat it all because I was hungry and it tasted much better when combined with a bite of asparagus.

I find that I am less hungry today and think about food less. It's a process and my biggest challenge will be to stop myself from pulling into the drive-thru and ordering my favorite grande non-fat, no whip mocha. It's 220 calories and will be a nice treat on occasion, but I really need to quit buying it everyday. Not just because of the extra calories, but for the money. I'm printing out what I spent last year on Starbucks and keeping it in my wallet and car to remind myself that I need to quit. It will be like keeping my inspiration board for why I want to lose weight.

Speaking of inspiration board, it's time to pull out photos of myself from recently and the past. I can make this my before, current and future photos of myself. Where I want to go. What my goals are. My greatest goal is to be comfortable and active. It's not the numbers on the scale or in my pants. Well, it's a little about the number on the scale, but the clothes just need to fit comfortably. I have the energy to hike and walk for miles, but I'm uncomfortable at my current size. It's time to lose those kids (the weight I gained with each one) and work hard for my new and improved body. It may never look like it once did, I may never be comfortable wearing a bikini, but I will be comfortable and willing to go to those tropical vacations I long for and waterslide parks my kids long for.

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  1. Awesome! Way to go! Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your progress.