Monday, March 29, 2010

So far behind, I must start over

Do you ever get to the point where you have a weeks worth of blogs written (in your head), but you spend so much time reading other blogs, facebook and your current book that you end up not posting anything?

That would be me. I feel like such a loser, but I know I'm doing this for me and it's a happy coincidence that such lovely people want to follow my misadventures. I would love to do a quick recap, but I'm thinking I will do the current thing first and fill in the blanks from my last two hectic weeks.

We went to California to see my Dad get married. Very good!
We returned to Washington to finish out the week of school while being in charge of the schoo food drive. Very rewarding!
We celebrated our 11 year anniversary. Very lovely!
We started Spring Break. Very fun, except for the torrential rain that decided to bestow itself upon us!

I will start with today (I'll try to keep this concise since I know my magazine length reading brain can only process a little at a time).

We finished our canned food drive at school last Friday. Each day I go around to all the classrooms and count all the cans. I then take the cans (or boxes) to the school stage to pack into banana boxes for the food bank. Lastly, I go out into the quad and update our progress charts to keep the kids competing against each other (class vs. class). A little competition for a great cause. It worked because 1 - 4th grade class brought in 276 items and on the last day, a 4/5 combo class started to catch up with 210 items. I frantically picked up all these items on Friday (and dropped off scrambled eggs for the teacher luncheon. Let me say, 36 eggs is not enough eggs for scrambled eggs for our teaching staff of 20).

So, back to today. I call the Food Bank at 9:30am to tell them I need to go up to the school to properly pack all the boxes and then they can come pick them up. I'm informed that the truck is on the way and they have been calling the school all morning. I inform her that it is Spring Break and no one is there. We agree to meet at 10am. Have you ever showered and ran out the door with 4 kids in 20 minutes? Ugh! I'm so glad they can all dress themselves and actually listen to me. We made it to school at 9:50am. The Food Bank truck arrived at 9:51am. I ran up on stage and was repacking those boxes as quickly as possible. They need to be 1 layer of cans with the lighter stuff on top. Luckily, they were really nice guys and were willing to help get the boxes ready. Our school custodian came over and helped load everything into the truck. I'm one lucky woman to have such great help.

My big job for the day done, I head home to drop off Miss M and her friend at her house. Then I get a call from two Mom's who need to get into school to prepare everything for our Spring Fundraiser. I head right back up to school and spend the most productive day going through all the Committee notebooks and cleaning up the stage. We even ventured into the overhead room that no one has been in to for 5 years. Turns out it's full of costumes for different school plays. Perfect!

I head out to pick up lunch for all the kids and then go back to make some die-cuts for a large sign Thanking the kids of our school for their generous contributions to the Food Bank. In total, we collected 1507 items. They did great! 

My ending to the day was to come home to two large boxes of NutriSystem food. Marc and I have decided to end our weight gain and make it a weight loss. Time to loss that baby weight and get back to a comfortable place. Let me say, 35 days worth of food (for 2 people) takes up a lot of room in my pantry. We start our first day tomorrow. Marc is having his final splurge of junk (not that he enjoys this junk) of movie popcorn. He volunteered to take the older 2 and a friend to see "How to Train a Dragon" in Imax 3D tonight. They are going to have a great time and I'm having a fun time with the little 2. We did some grocery shopping and are now enjoying watching 1 last episode of "Phineas and Ferb" before we head off to bed.

I feel great getting this down. I really will get those photos up of the wedding. It was the best part of our very fast vacation. (Man I'm long winded).


  1. Oh my. I'm exhausted just reading this! I'm in awe of your ambition!

    And yes, I am perpetually behind on blogging and answering email becuause I lose track of time reading blogs and facebook!

    Good luck with the NutriSystem! Interested to hear your progress!!

  2. Wow! You've been so busy! The school is so lucky to have you! Good luck with the nutri-system!