Sunday, January 17, 2010


A shopping photo of me. These are rare!! I went shopping with my sister in law today (she's going to Vegas) and I found these jeans. I rarely find jeans that are 1. long enough, 2. hit the right place on the waist, 3. feel wonderful. I put these jeans on and was in love. Now, I just need to convince myself that the perfect jean is worth the $90. I hate spending $50 on jeans, but you know...I wear them practically everyday. Did I mention I Love Them. And the tank with the built in necklace was just a fun new piece for summer (wishful thinking that it will be here soon).


  1. Oooh! Love them! What brand????

  2. "silver - lola" at Torrid (I'm still a lot heavier since having kids), hopefully someday I'll be back down to normal sizes.