Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Next Tattoo

Once you get one - you'll have the itch to get more.

I got my first tattoo when I turned 19. A heart with a flower through it. I was at a friends house and some (I'm sure he was just out of jail) guy was giving tattoos. I was young, and dumb, and it was $25. Most days I forget it's there.

My second tattoo was with my college roommate. We drove around town, getting prices, and discussing what we wanted. We both wanted anklets with flowers. I wanted something small with a basic flower shape. We finally found a place that would do it for $100. Somehow, I got 3 big flowers around my ankle and my friend got 5 small ones. I still love it though. 20 years later, it still has great color. I'm ready for some recoloring and I'll add 2 more flowers over the leaves.

So, now I'm older and wiser. I know what I want. The problem is - I'm older. Where will I sag? What if I need surgery? What if I look super trashy?

I'm thinking my kids birthdates on my wrist. A part of a painting my Mom did on my shoulder. And a breast cancer ribbon with scrolls on my foot. Now I have to be ready to part with my money.

Pardon the nasty skin in my impromptu photos. Like I said, I'm older.

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