Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Cook

Over the years, my husband has turned into the cook in our family. I still make the basics: cereal for breakfast, sandwiches and lunch bags for lunch, noodles or meat and veggies for dinner. But, Marc - he's a gourmet. Or he's trying to be. Want salsa verde? He buys the ingredients, spends 4 hours roasting and chopping and blending. Don't get me wrong, it's so delicious, but I would have bought a jar for $4. Done in 5 minutes.

He says it relaxes him to cook. I think I would be fine with all liquid or raw goods. I love to eat his cooking though.

It reminds me of my mom. I would come home from school and she would be snapping green beans or shredding chicken. A long time went into making those meals. Usually we were shooed out of the kitchen because we were underfoot. I find myself doing that with the kids. Plus, I'm a 30 minute cooker. Anything longer and I'm not making it.

Today, for lunch, I'm eating some delicious tomato soup Marc made with a dollop of his homemade pesto. It's so good and perfect on the sunny Fall day.


  1. I love to cook and agree that it is relaxing. What I find frustrating is when I go to buy a package of cocoa to make something like homemade brownies but it is actually cheaper to buy boxes of mix!
    Go figure!
    The soup looks delish!

  2. You are lucky, your own chef what more could a woman want