Sunday, January 9, 2011

need an emergency chiropractor?

We received snow. For one day (really only a few hours) that due to freezing temperatures lasted for over a week. Luckily, we had finished our grocery shopping and gassed up the cars. The buses were able to pick up the kids and the dry roads made driving easy. But our street, it had an ice slick at the top that kept Marc from being able to leave. It was quite humorous to me. I've found a reason to love my minivan. It's heavy enough to get up the hill and across the ice to the dry roads!!

Our sidewalks were a similar story. I walked the kids up to the bus and did a little two steps forward, one step back slipping on the ice. I made a final huge slip at the bus stop. Now I'm thinking "uh-oh, there goes my back". I was feeling good though and decided I would take my alone time to clean the sidewalks. Since we don't have a snow shovel (or a flat shovel), I used a hoe to break up the large chunks of ice and then a large rake to break everything up and get it off of the sidewalk.

I spent about 30 minutes breaking and raking the ice off the sidewalk in front of our home and then up the hill to our next neighbor. I felt wonderful getting this job done and more than earned my 45 minutes of couch time to catch up on my DVR'd "Brothers and Sisters" while sipping a coffee.


The happiness didn't last for too long. By the time I went to bed and had a HUGE knot (or pinch nerve) in my left shoulder, neck area. The pain caused shooting pain down my left arm. Nothing I was doing, any position I tried to get into would not ease the pain. I tried having Marc rub it. I tried laying on a heat pad. I went to the living room with a rolled up towel and laid any way I could on it to try and pop my neck or upper back or put some pressure on the knots that were causing me pain. Here is where I tell you, I'm not a crier. I'm not. This, this made me cry. I called my chiropractor's office to ask that they schedule me first thing only to here they are closed on Thursdays (this was 3am). My doctor left his home number, but I'm not calling at 3am. Marc came out when he heard the back massager going full blast. I was pressing it into the painful areas and making the fillings in my teeth rattle. He tried me to another mini massage. I finally tried an ice pack and fell asleep.

I woke up feeling better. I went to help my friend set up her booth for the weekend wedding shoot. I felt great all day, then at bed time the pain started to set in again. I really should have seen the chiropractor.

My chiropractor called me Friday after he got my message and asked if I had an appointment set up. He got me in right away and after a lot of pops and movement, my neck feels fantastic and I'm back to normal. Getting old sucks!

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  1. I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! Chiropractor's are awesome!