Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2 - New Year

I know. 2 days. In a row. Do I have a fever? Do I have a new years resolution? Well, No to both. Maybe the fever, but it's slight and would explain why my lymph nodes are making my face look like I'm wearing a much bigger fat suit. Time to call the doctor on that one.

Now, I'm random. Seriously. The whole family is sick. All 6 of us. Not quite sick enough, but definitely sick. Everyone has a cough. The kind where if I take them to the doctor right away, I'll be told it's a cold, but if I don't - I'll be told it's pneumonia. To add some cherries to this recipe, it's the new year and our medical deductible has reset. So, instead of going last Friday (Dec 31st) where our bill would have been 10% of the doctor visit for 6 patients, we'll be going this week and the bill will be 100% for each of us. We have a $2400 deductible we have to reach before the insurance pays anything. Our insurance company does negotiate a lower rate though. Woo Hoo. $76.50 vs. $96 each. 

Ok. I'm done. Maybe. I can guarantee we'll need prescriptions and since payday isn't until Thursday, I'll be holding on to the dimetapp and albuterol inhaler to tide the cough over until I can pick up the meds. I knew I would regret canceling every credit card some day. It keeps us from spending (ehem.. don't look at the current overdrawn bank account), but emergencies arise. We have a plan, but bonus time isn't until early March and THIS year, I will sock away half rather than go on vacation.

Can you believe it? I said, no vacation. Ok, not NO vacation, but no BIG vacation. We are making plans for some smaller ones. A night at Great Wolf Lodge with the kids, a night at Sol Duc Hot Springs to soak in some mineral pools. 5 nights camping at the sand dunes. A night in a Yurt on the coast. A drive to California to visit our family. Maybe some camping through Oregon or Utah to come home a different way. I'm hoping a few mini vacations will make me appreciate that we have a wonderful savings account.

I'm getting my writing groove back on. Hopefully I'll post some of last years travel stories and get this years down as we go. No pressure. I'm going to sit back and enjoy my blog again.

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