Sunday, January 2, 2011


Will I try this again?

If I remember (I'm always taking photos with my phone) and If I can figure out how to post said photos from my phone to this blog - I'll be updating with a photo each day of some randomness of my day.


This is our icy road. Let me tell you, it snowed last week! One day! We woke up Monday to snow. Random and wonderful. I went grocery shopping Tuesday. No problem. By Wednesday, everything had melted just enough to turn into a sheet of ice! It's been like watching our own funny movie to see the cars at the bottom of our cul de sac try to make it to the top. Everyone drives down to the bottom, revs it and tries to get to the flat spot in front of our house. Tires screaming. Rubber burning along the curb (to get some traction). Sometimes they make and you feel their triumph. Others times, we see they don't have the momentum and back down they go. Problem is, once they hit the flat spot, they slow just enough to not make it up the last incline from our house to the main road. Most are stopped right in the middle as they try to figure out what to do. I say, don't slow down!! Try and find the crusty spots and cross your fingers. 

I can't figure out why the neighbors haven't gotten together to buy bags of sand or de-icer to spread on this part of the hill. We, luckily, have been blessed to stay home. Only 12 more hours until I find out if I will be the hilarious one trying to get up the hill to get my kids to school, make the newsletter photocopies, deliver a cello for orchestra practice, get Mr N to preschool and back again. Plus, a pick up of said 4 kids to have their crackly lungs listened to. Hopefully the doctor has an antibiotic shot they can give them to get them started until we can pick up the meds on Thursday.

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