Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter was fun filled with all the kids running around. Marc made this great poster for the kids to play "pin the tail on the rabbit". Miss R ended up being the closest and was very excited to win her little prize (a bubble gun). We start out our weekend dying Easter Eggs. Take 4 kids times a dozen each and we have a lot of eggs to dye. This year, we let them do 8 each and then had some plastic eggs with money. I reminded the kids that they had to wake up early in the morning because we had to be at Grandma's at 11am. At 3:30AM I hear voices in the living room (the eggs weren't hidden yet). We went out and told the kids, waking up early does not mean 3:30AM! I was thinking 7AM. They had been sleeping until 8 or 9 while on Spring Break. Mr C wasn't too happy that we were sending him back to bed and kept trying to sneak upstairs while the "bunny" was hiding eggs. He finally went to bed and we all woke up at the reasonable hour of 7:30AM. The kids found their baskets and were very happy to find their toys. We were then able to have breakfast, get dressed and get to Grandma's EARLY!! We never arrive anywhere early.

The kids were so happy to be at Grandma's and find their Easter baskets she made them. There was chocolate, toys and a stuffed animal for each. After their baskets were all emptied into their bags. We were ready to head outside to find the 128 eggs that were hidden in the backyard.

We were proud of Mr N did so well this year looking for eggs. Last year, he would only pick up an egg if it was green or yellow with a hint of green. This year, he was willing to pick up any egg he could find!

Mr C found 38 eggs and the others found about 15-25 each (our nephew Mr T was there with us). I think we were only missing 1 egg in the end. I hope they found it before they had to mow their lawn!

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  1. Happy Easter! Love a good Easter Egg hunt.

  2. What a fun Easter! Ours was low-key, but we went for dinner at a friend's house and had a good time. My little guy can't have gluten, dairy or excess sugar, which makes the basket of treats/egg hunt rather hellish! I'm trying to come up with good ideas for treats for him for next year!