Saturday, April 17, 2010

11 years of marriage

This is my husband of 11 years. I've known him since we were 15. We've discovered that we had crushes on each other at 18 (while we went to our first year of college together). We didn't discover that we liked each other until we were 20. We weren't ready for that commitment yet as we were in different places on our lives. Our paths crossed again when we were 22. This time...our lives were ready to join onto the same path. We started our real dating that May 1996. We were married in March 1999. We have moved 6 times, we have 4 kids and have lived in 2 different states. Our 1 life together is a roller coaster full of butterflies, laughter and fun.

2 years ago, I realized that Valentine's and our anniversary are only 6 weeks apart and why would I put all the pressure on my husband to plan something romantic each year. I have my own ideas and things I would like for us to do. (wink, wink). So, we've agreed to trade years. Marc gets all the even year anniversaries and I get the odd years. Then, we plan Valentine's on the opposite years. This year, it was my turn for our anniversary.

I planned for months, but every idea ended up falling through and I had already exhausted my free babysitters in the previous month. I decided we would have a fun family day and just be together. We woke up early to a beautiful sunny day. I surprised Marc with a 1/2 hour massage at InSpa. The kids and I went over to Frost to get us all doughnuts and then over to Starbucks for my morning coffee. We then drove up to the Skagit Valley to see the tulip fields. Tulips are my favorite, so this was mostly for me and the pictures I wanted to get.
We went to Roozengarde and walked around the gorgeous grounds and through the fields of tulips. The kids posed (mostly happily) amongst the tulips and smelling them until they managed to trip and fall into the muddy ruts of the field. They weren't too bad, so we managed to talk them into staying in a good mood and continue our exploration.

Afterwards, we went into town, Mt. Vernon, WA, and had a great lunch with beer (for us, not them) at Skagit Valley Brewery. We got there right before the crowds (which is a must with 4 hungry kids who will talk us into McDonald's every chance they get). We were full and tired and headed home. Marc and I managed to take an 1-1/2 nap that afternoon. This is a rare treat for us. The kids "washed" our cars and then my brother volunteered to come over so that we could go to the movies. I have a great family that watches our kids for free!
We saw, "She's Out of My League" which is quite funny and cute. My favorite kind of movie.
We had a fun, full day celebration for our 11 year!
Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like a great day! Happy Anniversary!

  2. What a perfect day! We live really far from family, and really far from civilization, so babysitters are few and far between. I like doing things as a family and we can have a date night with snacks in front of the TV after the kids are in bed!
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a romantic story!