Thursday, March 25, 2010

selfless promotion

While I'm all ADD feeling today, I remembered it's Friday in Austrailia and there is a most wonderfully funny mum there that hosts this awesome link up to other moms called Flog Your Blog Friday. I have found some wonderful blogs to follow and gathered a few friends to read my interesting boring little life. I actually like to write all about myself and LOVE to read all about you. It's like having a ton of close friends (though none of us seem to have time anymore to go out with friends with the sports and school events 4 kids require).

Without further ado, you can always check out my Flog Your Blog page at the top of this blog. It has all the links from the past 4 weeks and the current week. You might find somebody who totally makes you happy.

She has a few rules, that Brenda at Mummy Time I'm copying and pasting them here and if I remember I'll include Mr. MckLinky on here too.

Okay, listen up newbies. FlogYoBlog Friday is a meme that I have started a couple of weeks back. Here's a quick summary. FlogYoBlog is all about promoting your blog, sharing the love and connecting with your fellow bloggers (most of whom are moms/mums, by the way). The interwebs is loaded with gazillion blogs and it can be quite a daunting task finding that one or two or three bloggers that you can actually talk to, exchange emails with and hopefully be e-bff's with. So if you are looking for them, you have come to the right place, baby. 

I do have some rules though. So, please read through them and *try* to follow them. Do not make me get my dusty voodoo dolls. Because they really scare the bejeebus out of me. Also, if you do get a follow as a result of linking up.  Could you please at least go to their site, say hi, leave them some comment or if you're feeling the loveydoves then subscribe to their feeds or follow their blog? Law of Reciprocity. You know what I'm saying?

On that note, please assume your position in The Circle of Friendship as we start with the linky love.

So there you go. My first Flog Your Blog link up that I did at home on my computer instead of from my phone while out and about. Speaking of, I need to go get my kids from the bus. I'm so easily distracted. 
Happy Thursday/Friday!! 

MckLinky Blog Hop

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  1. Have I already told you I love you?! You are my awesomesauce. The end.xoxoxo