Thursday, March 25, 2010


Where to begin. Where does it end. 

We went to California last Thursday to attend my Dad's wedding. It was beautiful and will take at least 2 posts to capture the photos and words.

I've been so busy reading the blogs I'm behind on (I'm OCD enough that I HAVE to read them and not just mark "all read"). I'm loving reading them though. I just finished reading "the Glass Castle" which I loved and now I am reading "the Help". I need so many more hours in the day. I feel like I'm in fast forward all the time. My books keep arriving at the library with a little tag saying it's in high demand and I need to return it in 2 weeks. The Glass Castle was 5 days overdue. The Help is due tomorrow (it will be late too). And I just picked up Shiver which is due in 2 weeks. Ugh! I love to read, but feel so far behind.

My kids school is holding their annual food drive. While this is a great cause and a lot of fun, I am in charge since I'm the head of the Jr PTSA. Which means, every day I'm up at the school going around to each classroom with a trolley and paper to count out the cans and take them to the stage. I have these great posters I've made up to mark where each classroom is at. Tomorrow is the last day and then everything is packed up and sent to the local food bank.

My 11 year anniversary is this Saturday. Marc and I take turns for who is in charge of planning the event (since it's only 6 weeks after Valentine's). We switch who does Valentine's and who does our anniversary. I'm stuck this year. We just got back from California and we are to go away for a weekend in 2 weeks with my brother and then the following weekend with Marc's family, plus Easter is next Saturday. That's 4 weekends of events and a limited budget. I'm still trying to figure out if I should plan something fun for him to go do or for both of us or for the family. I hate to ask my brother or Marc's sister to watch the kids again. We seem to be begging a lot from our free baby sitters.

I'm feeling a little ADD today, but I think it's from being tired. Staying up until 1am to finish a book and then Miss R decided to get sick last night at 3am. She sat up, in my bed, and said, "I'm going to throw up". I said, "run". We try and train the kids to run to the toilet. But, No. She barfs all over the end of my bed and onto the pile of clean laundry on the floor. Yes, the clean laundry.

I was just commenting to Marc that it feels like the laundry is never done. We started it on Monday night after we got back from our trip. I did more on Tuesday and was finishind Wednesday. I seperate all the clothes into each kids pile, adult shirts, adult pants and towels. Mr N's clothes were the pile Miss R threw up on. So, today I'm running the sheets, Mr N's clothes and a few of the other casualties from last night explosive fun through the sanitary wash of the washer. I'm looking forward to the weekend and more of that wonderful sunshine we had yesterday. Am I making sense or just whining.

I'll tell you whose whining. Miss R, but I guess she has the excuse of being sick today. After a long, hot bath she is feeling much better. She snuck into my make up and put on some mascara. She's 5. She did pretty good though, but she has black under her eyes from where she rubs them.

So, my life, almost caught up and feeling so happy and relieved to get my blog post done. I felt like such a slacker not writing out my daily life and thoughts. So, off to drink some coffee and sit with Miss R to watch the end of Ponyo (strange movie). And maybe move the computers downstairs. And maybe... it never ends. Does it?


  1. Laundry never does end...
    Poor Miss R - hope she's feeling better.
    I can never manage to get library books returned in time - my husband says it is people like me, paying fines regularly, that keep the library going.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. I'm glad I found your blog. Very interested in how you manage with four young kids - and travel!

  3. You feel like the laundry is never done because the laundry is just never DONE. Ever. It's horrible. Like it breeds or something.

    I miss Cali. *sigh*

    Happy Blog Flogging!

  4. Your life sounds like my life! I used earth hour this evening to sit in the dark and catch up on all the blogs I love to read (including yours). I only got halfway through them all before the lights were back on!
    I'm going to participate and flog my blog one of these Fridays. I just need to figure out how to add another 6 hours to my day so I can squeeze it in!