Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick trip to California

Hello my lovilies. It's Thursday in the states, but it's Flog Your Blog Friday by Brenda at Mummy-TimeMummy Time (the best blog) a few hours and a day away in the land down under (why isn't it over? Who made North mean up?)

Anyway, join us in our quest to find wonderful new bloggers to follow and follow us.


Anysun, about California. We are making a whirlwind drive and visit to California. We left home (Seattle, WA) at noon on Thursday. By "we" I mean my lovely, glad he's home and I'll stop sniveling now, husband, me and the 4 kids. We've packed our bags (1 for tonight, 1 with our wedding attire, and 1 with our regular clothes for the day to day). And now we are in Oregon. It takes us 12 hours to get to Redding, CA. We are hoping to make it in 11 hours today. Then we leave Redding Friday morning to my brothers in Sacramento. And then (remember Dude, Where's my Car? With Ashton Kutcher... And then? No and then! And then? No and then! I love that part).

Back to my crazy quick trip. Marc and I are going to a wedding Friday night in Pleasanton and then (lol) back to Sacramento. Saturday we are all attending my Dads wedding. So happy I may cry (and I never cry. Marc says I'm a robot. Thanks honey). Sunday morning we are having breakfast with our bestest friends and then heading home. It's 15 hours from Sac so we will be getting a hotel on the way home. ETA is Monday. My own bed and hopefully we will bring back some of the 70-80 degree weather. I love the sun and warmth.

Finally, speaking of hotels and traveling with 4 kids. The Hyatt Place sleeps 6 and are very nice with 2 beds and a sectional with a pull out bed. They are near business parks and only $71 a night this weekend. BUT I went to Priceline and found there were only 2 - 3 star girls in that area and placed a bid of $50 a night. I won my bid and it's at Hyatt Place! I'm most pleased to get my preferred hotel for even less.

Til tomorrow - traveling Heather signing off.


  1. That sounds like a bargain!
    Enjoy the wedding :)

  2. I am jealous, that is all. Heehee.

    Have a fab trip, lovely. Mwahs.

  3. Ah my bestest friend in the whole world lives in California, in the Sacramento area, so I'm way jealous that you are in her area.

    Side note: Way way jealous of your traveling. I only have 2 kids, 4 and 14 months, and although they are awesome little travelers, I am not good at traveling with them. My OCD just LOVES things like travel, although I want to, have lots of places I'd like to see, going to Walmart is about as far as traveling goes for me. I get to travel through you, LOL.

  4. I love flog my blog...thanks for jumping my way. Can't wait to peek around your blog some more.