Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Harbor

We went on a wonderful wander last Saturday (March 7).

After our last basketball game (thank god. no more saturday games), we drove up to Mt. Vernon, WA to see if the tulips were in bloom. Every year there is a tulip festival in April. Our weather is so great, I thought they would be up. The green was up, but not the color. There were fields of daffodils though. (photo credit)

So, we wanted to salvage our wandering and the sun was shining and there were blue skies everywhere...we drove a little further north to the town of Anacortes. We decided to walk on the ferry to go to Friday Harbor (on San Juan Island).
(photo credit) 

Friday Harbor is the only port on the ferry run that is walkable (that we know of). The other islands require a car to get anywhere and the car adds $38 to the price. For the 6 of us we paid $40.40 to walk on and take a beautiful, leisure ride through the San Juan Islands. We arrived at Friday Harbor at 2 PM. We pulled out our phones to find the nearest park. We ended up at the Middle/High School (they have no playground) and then walked back into the main town. There are a bunch of cute shops, ice cream stands, restaurants to visit.

We played along the waterfront on a seal statue and then found the local elementary school. We walked the .6  miles to the Friday Harbor Elementary school and played for about an hour. The kids had a blast. There was tetherball, playground and a sand pit. Then, we walked back into town to get some ice cream and catch the 5:20 PM ferry back to the mainland. We didn't pay attention and this ferry was the long ferry (it stops at each island). We enjoyed watching the sunset and then lounged on the benches watching cartoons (on our phones). We got back to Anacortes around 7:30 PM and promptly went to the nearest fast food to feed our hungry kids. If we did it over, we would have ate at one of the restaurants in town (Friday Harbor) and then took the 7:30 PM ferry from Friday Harbor.

Overall, it was a great little day trip that was relaxing and absolutely beautiful. If only we can figure out how to work from there so we can live in such a beautiful place.

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  1. Wow! You have a FlogYoBlog tab!!!! I am sooo impressed. Thanks, hon. Methinks I should do the same thing.=)

  2. Wow! Looks like such a beautiful place, and sounds like a lovely day. I love ferry rides (I grew up on Vancouver Island)! Gorgeous photos!

  3. great pics showing that you had a great time - love your post.

  4. Just found you on Mummy Time.

    How great are you? What wonderful experiences your kids will have. Love the pics.

    I love ferry rides. Try to take them on Sydney Harbour when I can. I have 3 boys who LOVE them too!

    Happy travels!

  5. Hey pretty lady!
    1. I am so jealous that you live in Seattle. I looove Seattle! Soo much!
    2. I am thee oldest of four kids, and I think it is awesome when people have that many kids.
    3. Thank you sooo much for comment. Things are better, he made pizza for dinner & I think he bought me flowers, cause he said he had a surprise for me. :)