Thursday, March 4, 2010

Flog your blog Friday!

I'll make an awesome blog after my PTA meeting. Doing it from my awesomer iPhone is a little hard. But big thanks to Brenda for living us. (that should be loving us)!!

Anyway, I had this great blog all planned out in my head last night. I'm debating on what level to reveal my craziness to all you wonderful bloggers. I started this for me and then added my grandfather, father and aunt to get updates every time I make an entry. Mostly because my 365 project is photos of my day. Not incredible photos, but a photo that reflects something about what we did that day. It gives us a moment to "reflect" (did you watch the marriage ref last night) on what we did that day. Be it a boring stay at home, watch movies and read books kind of day...or all out adventure to some park near or far.

What was I saying? Any who, my craziness and my amazing blog that I composed in my head will not come back to me for anything right now. I'm thinking I must need more (or have I had too much) coffee to get those little cells to move about and make a connection.

Thanks for flogging. I look forward to reading your blogging. (it's definitely needs more coffee).