Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cama State Beach

Sunday we went for one of our "wanderings" as I will call them now. We usually have a general idea of where we are going, but half the fun is the journey and then the destination. This day, my brother calls and says, "let's go to that beach on Camano Island." So, we're off. It's about an hour North of us. We see the turnoff to Camano State Beach and a sign for Cama State Beach in 1/2 a mile. So, we go off course and go to Cama State Beach instead.

It is property converted from private ownership to state ownership 2 years ago. They have small cabins, deluxe cabins and 2 bungalows that can be rented any time of year. The great part is they are only $35 in the off season. It's a great little getaway spot. They have horseshoes, TONS of shells on the rocky beach and a few swings for the kids. In the summer, there is a wooden boat house that you can rent boats from to paddle out into Puget Sound.

Our little offbeat path led us to a new find and a great day walking the "beach" with the kids. We went around the corner to eat lunch on the beach at Camano State Beach to finish up our afternoon and then wandered back home.

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