Wednesday, January 13, 2010


This is my homage to never having to find someone with jumper cables to jump start the minivan again!! A bought a new battery a week ago and my loving husband did his manly thing tonight and installed it.

I didn't realize the battery was dying until we went to the car one morning and it made a terrible sound, but didn't start. We turned off the interior lights and waited 5 minutes. Then it started up. Whew!! A week later, same thing. I let the kids sit in the car to watch the end of a movie and I barely got it started to get Miss R to school. Third time (you think I would have learned), a kid left an interior light on...all night...after waiting an hour, I still couldn't get it started. I called a friend to jumpstart the car. Now I'm panicing, but I'm not the brightest crayon in the box. 

I think I've charged the battery up by driving a lot over the next few days and leave the kids to watch a movie in the car while I get Miss M from her friends house (car was parked in the driveway). When I got in, the movie was still playing, but the car wouldn't start. My friend had jumper cables and I was at Costco the next morning to buy a new battery. Turns out they don't install it and I drive around with the new battery in my car for a week. 

Today, I did everything I could. I parked the car. I turned off the engine and pulled the key. I turned off all the interior lights. The kids and I sat at the pond to eat lunch. When I tried to start the car, it wouldn't. Again!! I left the headlights on. The sun came out and I forgot they were on. After swearing a bit and jumping around and berating my poor husband, I took his advice and called our roadside assistance. I found a plug at the preschool to charge up my almost dead cellphone and waited. Luckily, it was only 5 minutes and I was back on the road.

Good ending to the story, I worked out...twice...with my Wii Active to burn off some frustration. And, my darling husband installed the new battery. Hopefully, that was all that was really wrong with it. I'm looking for a piece of wood, now, to knock on.

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