Thursday, August 11, 2011

PNW camping

We're one of you - mister blue tarp camping family

This is camping in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of summer (July to be exact). You would think by this time of year, the clouds would part and the sun would grace us with her beauty.

We arrived at Lake Wenatchee, WA on a Friday. The sun was shining (a little), then the clouds came in and we spent the evening moving the shelter over the table and off the table while we tried to have a birthday party celebration. Saturday morning we tried out the kayak on the lake. It's a two person blow up kayak and it was amazing. So much fun. The kids each took a turn on the lake with Marc. We willed the rain to go away, but it was not letting up. Our campground turned into a lake and it was time to head into town.

see the mountains? why is the weather so crappy this summer?
heading out and praying for sun
We drove over to Leavenworth to walk around in...the sunshine. We enjoyed some treats and the beauty of the little town. When we returned to camp, the lake had receded from our campsite. We set up some tarps over the firepit to give us some shelter from any further rain. It did rain a little more over the course of the day, but we were having a fun time sitting around drinking and talking. Sunday turned out to be a lovely and warm day. We were able to pack up our things and enjoy a beautiful drive home.

first time out in the kayak
I'm not a fan of camping (in a tent), but I am a fan of family time. It was a fun weekend with a lot of family members.

Happy Birthday 6th Mister T!!


  1. Oh Really cute photos you share of your travel. I think you really enjoy your travel over the river. However it good to travel through the water. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey this must be really good adventure and nice experience. i like the location, its really awesome. good for 3-4 days camp. thanks for sharing this blog, i liked all the pics and location.

  3. It looks like a beautiful place! Gorgeous pictures! It looks like you had a lot of fun, even through the rain! :)