Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My baby turns 11

For her annual birthday dinner (our kids get to pick where they want to eat), Miss M chose Sichuanese in Redmond. How many 11 year old choose spicy food? She loves to eat the pea vine and drink hot tea. I love how my kids are willing to try most foods. We enjoyed a wonderful day with our eldest. Hard to believe that she has turned 11 already.

She spent the majority of her birthday at school. But, she had a wonderful day. Marc took her to breakfast where they shared some doughnuts at Frost. I brought her cookies for her teacher to pass out at lunch. We took her to Sichuanese Cuisine for dinner. We all came home for her to open her presents (books, of course, some Bayala figurines, more Harumika dolls, a littlest pet and 2 Harry Potter Lego sets). We finished the night with some cake and ice cream.

I think our kids are a little spoiled when it comes to birthdays. The have a friend party, their actual birthday with just us and a family birthday. Because I have 2 kids in June, I am so partied out by the end!! 

pea vine
Hot Chicken (Sichuan style)
Sliced Fish Delight (aka fuzzy fish)
Miss M telling me how much she loves the hot chicken

Pineapple Chiffon cake (her choice of dessert)
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  1. It sounds like a wonderful birthday! (My daughter is 11 too!)