Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Indoor Play Area

Living in the rainy state of Washington, you would think there would be MANY indoor play areas for Moms or Dads to take their kids for a few hours. But, there's not.

One of the few and my favorite place in this soft play area in the Alderwood Mall. If you get there before 10am, it's pretty quiet and the kids can have a great time running, climbing and playing with each other. It's perfect for the crawling to 4 age group.

Mr. N just barely makes it into this group. He is in preschool this year, so we have loads of time to play. He is also 42" tall which means he is getting too tall for here. Another chapter is closing in our books.

The alternate play areas are pay to play places. I should look into indoor play area ideas and start a business plan. This can be what I do for a living when the kids are all in school. Because my job will not be to "stay home" (though I'm hardly ever home) to clean house and do laundry. I need a paying job to fund my adventures.

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  1. I think creating an indoor play space business would be really neat!