Friday, August 6, 2010

kicking the addiction

I have an addiction. I've never realized it was an addiction, but it is. It's not smoking or drinking. It's not even drugs.

It's Starbucks coffee. A grande or venti mocha to be exact. Sometimes I add peppermint or an extra shot. Sometimes I do nonfat or 2% milk. It hasn't made a difference to my weight one way or the other.

I love the socializing with the barista, who hates that I change up my order everyday because he can't predict me. We have 6 Starbucks within 2 miles of my house. My favorite pimp drive through is the one up the hill on the way to the freeway or the kids school.

I finally realized that like my parents smoking or drinking (which they quit), I am an addict. I was driving up the hill and pulled into the turn lane without thinking. I waited for the green arrow to turn and realized that I was going to Starbucks driving while asleep maybe. I wasn't even thinking, but what a great idea. I used to go everyday (even though I make a pot of coffee at home) just for the socialization. To talk to another adult. Even for 2 minutes. Then if I was stressed out, I would pile the kids in the car and go get another fix grande. That first sip is so smooth and calming. I can feel the zen like atmosphere invade my body and all the stresses wash away calgon has nothing on mochas. 

So, like weight loss, I make a commitment to quit (lose weight) and fail. If I have a bad day, I need some Starbucks. If I stayed awake too late and am so tired, I need some Starbucks. I am such an addict!!

But, here comes the rehab. I spent $2400 last year at Starbucks (not including the times coffee was bought for me or I used cash). That's almost enough for a great vacation. It's enough for a mini vacation. Did I kick the habit? No!! So, after our vacation (which I need to blog about), Marc and I made a bet. A bet to give up Starbucks and win a great prize.

Here's the details:
If I can give up Starbucks and lose 50 pounds, I can join my Aunt and fly to Italy for one week. My cousin just moved to Naples and we want to take the kids to visit. I claim that if I go with my Aunt in December, I can scout the area and know what to be aware of when we take 4 kids with us. Ugh - that flight. If Marc loses 50 pounds first, well - you don't want to know what he wins. I actually can't remember what I agreed to. I figure if I keep buying lots of bread and pasta (his weakness) then I'll win and it doesn't matter.

So, how am I doing? I have not bought Starbucks since Sunday. Today I used my free card to pick up a venti mocha. I still have $3.75 on my gift card and am 2 drinks away from earning another free one. So, I'm relaxing with my well deserved reward, but am ready to kick this habit, lose the weight and drink some delicious house wine in Italy.

I'll keep you posted as I continue down my path towards a Starbucks free life.


  1. You can totally do it! They have better coffee in Italy anyway. Go Heather!

  2. You CAN do it! Cafe Americanos are half the price, less than a third of the calories. it takes a bit of getting used to, but the buzz is the same. And they have them at the corner espresso stand. :)