Monday, June 28, 2010


Howdy...or Hola! Did you have a great weekend? I wouldn't say mine was the best, but it made me happy. Actually, all of summer vacation has made me very happy (granted we are only 7 days into our summer vacation).

School got out June 21st (a Monday and it was a half day). I took the kids to Build-A-Bear (as it is our tradition). I used all my coupons and discounts and saved $42!! My Dad and Betts were with us and got to experience the BAB magic. They treated us to lunch before at Ruby's diner. Can't beat such a great deal!! Thank you Dad!!

Afterwards, my Dad dropped me off at my friends house (how old do I sound there) and took the younger two home. My friend has kids the same age as my older two, so they stayed with me to play. I called Marc and had him stop by after work. This friend was hosting our annual "last day of school margarita party". Good times and yummy drinks were had by all. Marc got to know the husbands and we all went out to dinner Thursday night. We called it an early night Monday to go home and have dinner with my Dad, Betts and my brothers family.

Tuesday, we (the kids, my Dad, Betts and I) went to Whidbey Island and ran around (very close to having a heart attack) at Fort Casey (a World War I base). I have photos and will post and blog about this "travel" soon.

Wednesday, we (see above) went to downtown Seattle (again I will blog soon) where we had a great time until I took Dad and Betts to the airport to fly home (so sad).

Thursday, the kids and I went to Saint Edwards State Park where we met up with some friends for lunch, a hike and playing on the playground. Despite the overcast start to summer, we have been out and having a great time. We followed up our playdate with a real date out with friends.

Friday is already a blur. Marc came home early (always a great treat) then I picked up my sister-in-law, Jamie and we went to Blue C Sushi for dinner. Go me.. I'm out and about and having a great summer. After we went to see "Sex and the City 2". I'm not sure what all the bad reviews were about, but I really enjoyed it. Sure, it was cheesy, but I really enjoyed some of the campy dialogue.

Have I written too much yet. Here comes the iHappy part of my actual weekend. We cleaned! Woo Hoo! Sounds dull and boring, but we will be out of town for 4 out of the next 5 weekends and it had to be done. Marc mowed the lawn and uncovered the flagstone walkway we put it. We are making plans to improve the front with meadow grasses and stones. It's so tiny, there is no point to have grass (and it doesn't grow very well anyway). Sunday, we watched a movie and then motivated the kids to clean their rooms and the main play area (threats of "whatever is left on the floor, goes in this trash bag" works really well). Mr C got his room clean enough for us to move the furniture like he's been asking. It finally looks like his room and not the room that we send all the leftover furniture too. I was so happy to get the house picked up and the laundry done (for one day). It made my weekend.

To top it off. I wanted to go for a walk, but Marc wanted to go to the new high school and use the facilities. We ended up at the high school and played for 90 minutes. Much better and longer than my walk. We were teaching the kids to play tennis and then headed over to the track so that I could walk laps while the rest played soccer and kicked goals.

That's my iHappy weekend (with a long quick update of our summer break). What's your iHappy moment? (And I will have to find the beautiful meme for iHappy and set up the linking, next time).



  1. It sounds like your summer is off to a fabulous start! I love summer holidays!

  2. Heather, you are one seriously awesome Mama!!

    Happy iHappy Monday.xx