Monday, May 17, 2010

Home improvement

Seriously!?! Is this a cool orange-brown color or baby sh!t brown. I
like the color and have painted a tiny section of the hall bath with
it, but it's bordering on baby poo and I'm nervous to continue. Only
because I don't want a guest coming over and being all, "OMG...What
was she thinking?" I'm thinking I have 4 kids and the bathroom needed
a facelift from cute, little kids to the guests use this room more
than they do. (They bath and toilet in my room. Which means I only
have 1 bathroom I HAVE to clean, for now). Anyway, I know I can
repaint if I don't like the finished product. I thought I would
finally get a blog done again and ask for some opinions. I just wish I
could get a better pic while in the bathroom without all the light

OK, opinions please!


  1. I really like the colour, I think it is really modern and stylish.

  2. I think it can work, with some light accessories?? I like the colour