Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whirlwind trip to California for my Dad's wedding (part 1)

Long story short, my Mom died in June 2004 from Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This was a shock to all of us and the healing process is long, but we all want to be happy and find that person that makes us happy. After 9 months, my Dad started to look at dating (sorry Dad, I'm spilling your life). He met a woman from Lebanon (the country, not a city is a US state). She came here and met us all and seemed not quite like the right fit, but if she made my Dad happy, I will support him. The deadlines for getting married came and went and he decided to end this relationship. In hindsight, I think she was the perfect relationship because she helped him feel alive and loved and not so alone. He went "fishing" again for someone to have some fun with and date. A few fun times and a few dates later, he found Betts.

Betts lives in the same town as my Dad. She was hesitating on looking and giving up on finding a good man, until she met my Dad. I can brag here because he really is a good man. He's is she (aren't we all), he's outdoorsy, he's thoughtful, he's generous. There first date was at her house (silly woman), it was basically a blind date, but she invited him over for breakfast.  The sparks flew!! 

There first date was in July. He proposed in November. They were married in March. I can brag here, a little, that she is great. She is such a good fit for him. She fits in with our family like she's always been a part of it. My only request was that we meet her before the wedding. My Dad and Betts made some arrangements and flew up to Seattle to meet us. She is outgoing and fun and lively. She and my Dad babysat my kids one night (definitely a She came upstairs in her robe and sat to talk with us. She was comfortable and relaxed and wonderful.
 (Dad, me, Miss M, Miss R, Betts, Mr C, Mr N)

So, here comes the whirlwind weekend of weddings in the month of March.

Thurs, Mar 19:
The kids had a 1/2 day of school. We left the house at noon and drove 600 miles to California to stay the night at Dad and Betts house (arrived at 11:30 PM). We stopped for dinner, coffee and gas, otherwise it was straight through. The last hour is always the worst because the kids won't fall asleep and they are ready to get out of the car. There's a little whining going on, but overall...the drive was great.

Fri, Mar 20:
We wake up to fresh baked scones, coffee and fruit (thank you Betts) and let the kids run around outside while Marc and I get ready. We leave at 10am realizing we are on a tight schedule to get this day done. We drive 3 hours South to check into our hotel in Sacramento. Marc and I get dressed as fast as possible for a wedding we were going to that night and then take the kids to my brothers for the afternoon. We drop the kids off at 2pm and leave by 2:30pm. When we agreed to go to this wedding (in Pleasanton, CA) I didn't realize it was 2 hours away from Sacramento. So the kids had a wonderful time with my 2 brothers and sister-in-law going bowling and pizza and video games. Marc and I drove 2 hours away. The wedding was for Marc's sister's best friend. She's an awesome person and it was a free night out. How could we say No! The wedding was at 5pm. The reception was at 6:30pm. Dinner was at 7:30pm. We left at 9pm (before the party even started) because we had to drive 2 hours back to Sacramento. We pick the kids up at 11:30pm and go back to pass out at our hotel. 

2 days - 988+ miles = 18-1/2 hours of driving. So far, this is not a vacation.

Fri, Mar 20:
Today is our relaxing day because we only have to drive 10 miles to my Dad's wedding and it's not until 2pm.

We wake up and get everyone bathed (there are 6 of us). We go for some lunch at a local teriyaki place that we miss living in Washington. It was pricey, but yummy. We head back to the hotel and get ready. Everyone is freshly scrubbed, hair brushed and dressed up by 1pm. We are doing great. Now, you would think...uh's comes the disaster. But, there was none. Unless you count my Dad calling because he brought two left shoes for his suit and wanted to borrow Marc's shoes for the wedding. Marc was more than happy to give up his dress shoes for his adidas. I still had to wear my heels. It just wasn't right.

Next blog will be the actually wedding to spare your eyes (and the fact that I need to run up the hill to get the kids from the bus).


  1. I am sorry to hear about your mom's passing, my mom died of breast cancer as well.

    That is so sweet that your Dad found someone so wonderful! That is a great picture of everyone!

    It sounds like a busy, but fun trip!

    Can't wait to hear about the wedding! :)

  2. I have to admit I'm one of those selfish people who can't see my widowed mother with anyone else. How do you get over that feeling?