Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Thurs, March 11:
The day that leads to my lame rant. Today is a busy day that will lead to many more busy days. 

1. Marc takes the kids to the bus and says goodbye.
2. We drop off his truck to find out why it grinds while driving (need new wheel bearings - $450, fuel injection service - $300 and spark plugs). We agree to the wheel bearings and hold off on the rest.
3. Drive to Ikea to buy Mr C's bed. It's wonderful to have Marc with me to help put the 75 pound boxes in the van. Mr N and Miss R make a plan to play together in the middle of Smalland and when they don't want to play with each other, they will go to their respective ball rooms. They are so smart.
4. Have lunch with Marc (not at Ikea), but my favorite Japanese steakhouse. I love how yummy the steak is cooked there.
5. Drop Marc off at the airport to fly to Austin.
6. Drive home in time to get the older kids from the bus.
7. Prepare for the kids and their friends to come and go and ebb and flow. I need to breath in and out.

So, my photo you ask... well, it's 10 AM on a Thursday. We are driving from the north end of Lake Washington to the south end and there is actually stop and go traffic on the freeway. IT'S 10 AM PEOPLE! I think it's because it was raining. Yes, I know the irony of living in the PNW and people being scared of driving in the rain.

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