Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Saturday, Feb 27:

Marc is back and he is tired. I believe he fell asleep around 8 last night and we didn't get up until about 10am this morning. I love to sleep in, but usually Marc gets up and entertains (feeds) the kids. But he is seriously jet-lagged from a 3 hour time difference suck it up! Seriously though, we are both tired. Being a 24 hour Mom with no break in site for the week was exhausting (a little). I actually had it pretty easy this week. We got into our routine and did our thing. I actually made a great dinner every night and managed to get them all in bed at a normal hour. Usually Marc does the nighttime routine and I just get frustrated that they are still awake. I've learned some patience and appreciation for having a husband around. He is a really big help (and part of our lives). 

That being said, my honey bear of a man decided we needed a night out after him being gone. We debated about going out with friends (last minute = no one available) and then dinner vs. a movie. Personally, I like popcorn movies better. He wrangled up a babysitter (thank you Aunt Becky) and we went to see "Valentines Day". I'm the lucky one who has a husband you will sit through romantic comedies with me. He has my brother to go with for those scary, gory movies. That aside, we had a great Saturday and enjoyed sitting in the dark, holding hands and eating buttery popcorn (diet be damned).

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